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Wormhole & Stranded Ship

Posted on Sun Mar 21st, 2021 @ 4:53am by Lieutenant Karlie Edwards & Commodore Devon Cummings & Captain Matthew Edwards & Warrant Officer Keera Rey & Sergeant Major John Calder & Crewman James Gibbs & Sivain & Ensign Seamus MacDoughall & Ensign Zhur Gaavr

2,039 words; about a 10 minute read

Mission: Where are we?
Location: Graveyard

LCARS: ​Attention On Deck
Ens Gaavr: hey
Chef JC Gibbs: ::AA::
❙❙ Karlie Waters: ::aa:: (checking weather, just in case)
Capt_DevonCummings: Looks like Alexi is a no show....she mentioned that the weather might be bad by her.
Chef JC Gibbs: she is in texas deployed with teh red cross
Capt_DevonCummings: Didn't know that.
Terrible what happened there.
Chef JC Gibbs: she wasnt sure if she would make it tonight because of just arriving
Capt_DevonCummings: We're just waiting for Seamus to arrive.
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: I'm hair sair
❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: There they are
Capt_DevonCummings: Good. Good evening all...hope all is well.
Everyone read the brief?
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: sairry Eagle lait aut a laittil lait
Ens Gaavr: Only the pictures
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Aye, sair
Capt_DevonCummings: Any questons?
❙❙ Karlie Waters: Still need antidote?
Matthew Edwards: No questions
Capt_DevonCummings: No....we beamed them back to their planet.
We're headed back to the graveyard.
Okay then...if there is nothing else....the Ares is heading to the graveyard.
>Begin Sim<
::On the bridge....still has a headache.::
Matthew Edwards: ::sits over at Tactical and holds his head::
Capt_DevonCummings: Action: Nothing on scanners or comms.
❙❙ Karlie Waters: ::stands at science, scanning as usual::
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Sivain> ;;on the bridge, with a cup of tea for the Captain which should help with his headache;;
Capt_DevonCummings: ::Takes the tea.:: Thank you.
Chef JC Gibbs: ::scrubbing pans in the galley drinking from a bottle of whiskey to help::
Capt_DevonCummings: Action: Some of the crew are in the mess, eating lightly.::
::Stands up and walks around, holding his cup of tea.::
Chef JC Gibbs: McDaniels make sure there is plenty of bread set out for the crew. ::then takes a heavy swig of whiskey::

McDaniels> Yes Chef!
Capt_DevonCummings: ::Walks by helm.:: Current speed, ensign?
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Seamus>;; working extra hard to scrub the air filters of the pheremones to help get the ship back to normal;;
Capt_DevonCummings: (Warp 4.5)
Sgt Major Calder: :: Patrolling the ship ::
Capt_DevonCummings: ::Walks over to Tactical.:: You okay, commander?
Chef JC Gibbs: ::stirs the chicken noodle soup that he was making for the late shift::
❙❙ Karlie Waters: ::She peeks up from her console at the two::
Ens Gaavr: :: Sitting at comms ::
Keera: ::Patrols the opposite way::
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Seamus>;; checks over the consoles on the engines to make sure they are at optimum;;
Chef JC Gibbs: ::tastes the soup:: Needs more onion powder ::pouring a small amount and stirring the pot a heavy stir::
Capt_DevonCummings: Action: Long range sensors pick up the graveyard.
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Sivain> ;;does an unobtrusive mental scan of the Captain to see how the headache is reacting to the tea;;
Matthew Edwards: I'm ok sir.
::looks at the scanners:: We're coming back up on the graveyard
Ens Gaavr: No comm traffic.
Capt_DevonCummings: ::Moves back to his chair.:: Helm, drop out of warp, go to one half impulse.
Helm>Aye sir.
Full scans, please.
Action: On the viewscreen is the familiar sight of the graveyard of ships.
Chef JC Gibbs: ::looks out on of the galleys windows:: Guess we are here.....
Capt_DevonCummings: Straight ahead, helm.
❙❙ Karlie Waters: ::She looks a little uncomfortable at the site, but continued her scans for any thing.::
Capt_DevonCummings: Helm>Aye sir.
Looks at the screen.::
Chef JC Gibbs: ::gets an uneasy feeling in his gut:: I dont like this
Capt_DevonCummings: Action: Sensors pick up no lifesigns form any of the wreckage.
Ens Gaavr: Should I broadcast a message to the graveyard?
Capt_DevonCummings: No...doesn't seem to be anyone to hear it.
❙❙ Karlie Waters: ::She is a little relieved at no life signs. She looks up from her scans:: No life signs detected there.
Matthew Edwards: No other ships in the area. Ones that are more intact I should say.
Chef JC Gibbs: ::trys to ignore it and gets back to work::
Sgt Major Calder: :: Enters the mess hall, looks out the window ::
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Seamus>;; heads to the bridge to see if there are any ships there they could Plunder salvage for useful materials;;
Capt_DevonCummings: Action: Suddenly....ahead of them, a bright light appears and fills the sky. Then a ship seems to come right out of the light, then just as sudden, the light disappears.
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: wormhole
Chef JC Gibbs: ::sees the SGT MAj.:: Creepy sight isnt ::come out of the kitchen wiping his hands on his apron::
Capt_DevonCummings: ::Jumps up.:: All stop!
Matthew Edwards: Whoa. What the?
Keera: ::continues her patrols::
Matthew Edwards: ::runs his scans::
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Sivain> ;;Sends a mental query toward the light;;
Capt_DevonCummings: Helm>Helm answering all stop, sir.
Action: The ship that appeared out of the light, tumbles away from the light.
❙❙ Karlie Waters: ::she looked startled. then scans that area.:: Some type of a portal. Looks to be... a worm hole?
Capt_DevonCummings: Action: Sivain doesn't get anything.
A wormhole or a black hole.
Matthew Edwards: Possibly?
Ens Gaavr: I would have detected a black hole on comms.
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: Stranded Ship
Capt_DevonCummings: ::Looks at Karlie.:: Launch a couple of probes in the direction of that light. Let's see what registers.
Sgt Major Calder: :: Gets in the lift to the bridge ::
Keera: ::walks into sickbay:: Anything needed, Doctor?
Sgt Major Calder: :: Gets off on the bridge, looks around a bit ::
❙❙ Karlie Waters: ::She nodded, sending commands to launch the probes towards that direction.::
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: (Sivain's on the bridge)
Capt_DevonCummings: Just as the probes reach the area, the light appears and shallows them up.
::Watches as the probes disappear.::
What the...??
Could it be a wormhole? If it is, where does it lead?
Sgt Major Calder: :: Drops back to the lift ::
Matthew Edwards: Hopefully the probes will find out where.
::scans the ship::
Keera: ::She didn't see the doctor and walks back out to patrol more::
Capt_DevonCummings: We need to make a decision. If that is a wormhole, do we risk entering it? We don't know where we could end up...we might end up further away...or closer to home.
Sgt Major Calder: :: taps :: +Keera+ Anything on your end?
❙❙ Karlie Waters: ::she Ponders:: That's got to be a wormhole...
Capt_DevonCummings: Action: Scans of the alien ship show no life signs and no indication who the ship belongs to.
❙❙ Karlie Waters: ::She shook her head at the scans:: No life signs on the ship that it just placed here...
Keera: ::presses her badge:: +Calder+ Nothing on my end, you?
Capt_DevonCummings: Is there any contact at all, with our probes?
(no contact)
❙❙ Karlie Waters: ::she shook her head:: none at all.
Capt_DevonCummings: That last ship that came did it hold up?
(the ship appears to be intact)
Sgt Major Calder: +Keera+ Nothing. Quiet on bridge and mess.
Capt_DevonCummings: Did that ship head into the other side of this, or was it drawn in?
❙❙ Karlie Waters: ::she scans the ship:: It appears to be intact, sir.
Capt_DevonCummings: ::The captain appears deep in thought.::
::Stands up.::
Keera: +Calder+ Funny, The Chef was busy in the mess. ::enters the messhall::
Matthew Edwards: Sir?
Sgt Major Calder: +Keera+ Well, no security concerns.
Capt_DevonCummings: We have a choice to we stay here, and continue to try to make it back to Federation space....or do we try to enter, what is probably a wormhole, and see where we come out. It could take us further away from home, or closer.
I want to hear everyone's thoughts.
::Looks around.::
❙❙ Karlie Waters: ::She looks at the Captain:: I could take a shuttle to the wormhole and scan it... Get what information we can?
Matthew Edwards: Well... I'm all for taking the chance. I'm hoping it will take us closer to home.
Capt_DevonCummings: I don't want you to risk getting sucked into that thing.
Matthew Edwards: And what do we do about the ship that came through?
Ens Gaavr: Or many more light years from home.
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Seamus>Aithir/ air, sair we dinna hae ainiff ainfaw raight naw ithir thain aill thais shaips airoond is whair ait mait be cawmin aut
Capt_DevonCummings: We detected no life think maybe there might be some data or supplies we can use?
Sgt Major Calder: +Keera+ Meet in the low G part of the ship?
Keera: ::She looks to the chef:: What's cooking?
❙❙ Karlie Waters: There could be some data there ::She looked at her scans:: Take a shuttle to that and see what we can find?
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Seamus> thair's ailwyes tha pawssibility
Capt_DevonCummings: Helm. Take us to that ship that just appeared. Put us within 50 meters and secure it with the tractor beam.
Chef JC Gibbs: ::smiles:: Chicken noodle soup for the late shift. ::looks out the window:: I have a very bad feeling about this when I was a MACo we ran into some traders that said to avoid thinks like this it only leads to death.
Capt_DevonCummings: Helm>Aye sir.
Matthew Edwards: I believe so. Maybe data on the wormhole itself.
Keera: ::Nodded:: It doesn't look all appealing.
Capt_DevonCummings: Commander, outfit a boarding, engineering, medical and security. We'll use the transporter to beam you over. See if there is anything of value over there.
Chef JC Gibbs: I pray we dont enter the worm hole.
Capt_DevonCummings: ::Presses a button on his chair arm.:: This is the captain. All hands...yellow alert. Report to your duty stations. Captain out.
❙❙ Karlie Waters: ::She gave a understanding look to the Captain::
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Seamus> ;;Heads for Main Engineering;;
Sivain> ;;headed back for Sickbay;;
Capt_DevonCummings: I suggest environmental suits, commander.
Keera: ::sighed:: back to work. ::leaves the messhall:: +Taps+ Calder, you might be needed. I would suggest heading to the transporter room.
Chef JC Gibbs: :: makes up his mind heads to the nearest comm panel:: ++Galley to Bridge++
Matthew Edwards: Agreed
Capt_DevonCummings: ++Gibbs++ Go ahead.
❙❙ Karlie Waters: ::She grabs her science kit, then looked to the two commanding officers::
Chef JC Gibbs: ++Bridge++ Captain My gut is telling me to stay away from the worm hole and the ships here. I just doesnt feel right. Back when i was a MACO we ran in to some traders that said that the worm holes are instant death and there are "spirits that angry" inside.
Capt_DevonCummings: ++Gibbs++ I will take your advice under consideration, chief. Captain out.
Sgt Major Calder: +Keera+ Heading there now.
Chef JC Gibbs: ::Sighs and looks out the window:: I hope so for all our sakes.
Capt_DevonCummings: Commander. Make sure to look for any starcharts. That might tell us where that ship came from.
Action: The Ares has moved into position, above the alien ship, and has the ship secured with the tractor beams.
Matthew Edwards: Aye sir. ::nods to Karlie::
Capt_DevonCummings: Go get yourselves ready...and good luck.
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Seamus>;; gets into an EVA suit and heads over to the transporter with his toolbag;;
Capt_DevonCummings: (2 minute warning)
❙❙ Karlie Waters: ::She nodded, heading to where the environmental suits where, then to transporter room::
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Sivain> ;;also gets into an EVA suit and heads to the transporter with an expedition sized medkit as well as his backpack;;
Capt_DevonCummings: Action: All boarding party members have assembled in the transporter room.
>Pause Sim<
Oh my, oh my.....what happens next???
Find out next week...same Ares time...same Ares station.
❙❙ Karlie Waters: ::paused::
Capt_DevonCummings: TBS 2 minutes.
Going once....going twice.......
Commander, dismiss the crew.
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: paused x2
Capt_DevonCummings: Commander?
Thank you all for coming.
❙❙ Karlie Waters: (pokes the commander)
Sgt Major Calder: Night
Capt_DevonCummings: Crew dismissed.
Stay safe
❙❙ Karlie Waters: Night sir
Keera: Thank you. Night.
Matthew Edwards: Here
Good job tonight everyone. Next week should be interesting. Also, hopefully we'll have a new time planned for the sim.
Have a good week. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay positive.
LCARS: Dismissed


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