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Crewman James Gibbs

Name James Charles Gibbs

Position Ship's Chef

Rank Crewman

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 32

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9
Weight 175
Hair Color Dirty Blond
Eye Color Blue/Green


Father Marcus Gibbs
Mother Bernetta Rogers-Gibbs

Personality & Traits

Strengths & Weaknesses Weakness:
Heavy Lifting
Ambitions Being one of the best Chefs in the universe.
To be a master chef of multiple species cuisine.
Sell his beers and wine.
Hobbies & Interests Cooking
Learning different recipes and technics.
Brewing his own brand of beers and wines.

Personal History Born of rich parents, an original financial backer for a colony on Mars, New Venice. After the colony had been built and was running they sold their home and moved up. His father became the Governor of the Colony. His mother was a socialite always into everything high end and pricey. She was drunk most days, having not one but two affairs while his father was attending meetings across the world. She was soon pregnant; it was unknown at the time if it was her husband’s or her lovers.

She gave birth to James Charles Gibbs or “JC”, he looked like her husband. After childbirth, his mother suffered postpartum depression and started to drink in excess. His father basically raised him, by giving him everything he ever wanted.

At the age of 14, JC started to pick fights and flaunt what his dad had given him at a Private school, after a prank went wrong he was kicked out. Forced to go to public school he soon learned the hard truths about life. Shortly after he started high school, his father's business hoistally taken over by his business partners. His father got the boot, his mother killed herself after the company was taken, no money, no booze. His father suffered a nervous breakdown and shipped off to a facility. JC went to work after school at a local restaurant and learned how to cook and that he loved it.

JC wanted to go to Culinary school but couldn't afford it, so he decided to try for Starfleet and failed 4 times. The five times he was able to get in and the only option was MACO’s. He actually excelled at the training making high scores in survival and marksmanship. He graduated 9 in his class. He was assigned to the USS Markov, a small research vessel. Several successful missions and he was promoted to the rank of Sergeant. He volunteered to help in the kitchen showing the Chef his skills.

Luck was not on his side as he contracted a rare disease on a way mission, it caused the muscles and bone to die, basically paralyzing him, for several months, before he was able to walk or stand. Starfleet med had no idea how to help and discharged him, from Starfleet.

He tried to find work but no one wanted a handy capped former MACO. Only 3 months after discharge he was about to end it all when a Doctor approached him with an experimental treatment, the doctor's name was Phlox. After several months and treatments, they were able to reverse 85 % of the bone and muscles to his back allowing him to work as a cook while attending Culinary school.

Over the next two years he worked his ass off and a few connections from friends, he was given a chance to cook for Starfleet higher-ups and they enjoyed it. He was stationed in several places, mostly as the Admiral's personal Chef. He was able to persuade one to let him jump on board a ship. He joined the Ares a few weeks later.