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Party Time!!! (Live Sim 12-23-20)

Posted on Wed Feb 17th, 2021 @ 7:41am by Ensign Alexi Michelle & Commodore Devon Cummings & Captain Matthew Edwards & Lieutenant Karlie Edwards & Warrant Officer Keera Rey & Crewman James Gibbs & Ensign Seamus MacDoughall
Edited on on Wed Feb 17th, 2021 @ 7:42am

3,079 words; about a 15 minute read

Mission: Where are we?
Location: Mess Hall

USS Ares Live Sim 12/23/2020
Attention On Deck

❙❙ Karlie Waters ::aa::

Keera ::attn::

Lt_MarkBradleyBOT ::AA::

Alexi Michelle ::AA::


Capt_DevonCummings Evening everyone, and I hope your holidays will be merry and bright.

Chef JC Gibbs ::aa::

Matthew Edwards This seems to be everyone who could make it. ::stands at attention::

Capt_DevonCummings Tonight's plot is.......Party Time!!!

Chef JC Gibbs ::is dressed only in his "kiss the chef" apron::

Capt_DevonCummings So just head to the mess hall and enjoy yourself tonight.
Begin Sim.

❙❙ Karlie Waters ::She leaves her quarters heading to the messhall::

Keera ::decided to just spend her time with Calder, until he was ready to go::

Capt_DevonCummings ::The captain and Cel are heading to the party.::

Chef JC Gibbs ::whistles as he works on the many things for "christmas" dinner dressed in his "Ladies Kiss the Chef" Apron::

Lt_MarkBradleyBOT ::Goes with Corwin.::

Alexi Michelle ::makes sure there is sufficient security before heading to the mess hall::

Matthew EdwardsBOT ::makes his way to the mess hall::

BoothbyBOT ::Curious about the event, so he follows the captain.::

Alexi Michelle ::enters the mess hall and takes a look around at all the decorations:: Nice!

Ens_AshleyCorwinBOT ::Walking with Bradley.::

❙❙ Karlie Waters ::Slips up behind Alexi:: It is very nice! Chef did a great job.

Chef JC Gibbs ::looks at the amount of food he has prepared:: Ham check, Turkey and Cornbread stuffing, Check

ACTION: The engineering section has outdone themselves with the tree and the decorations.

Capt_DevonCummings ::Walks in with Cel, arm in arm. Looks around.:: Very nice.

Alexi Michelle ::smiles and looks over her shoulder at Karlie:: That he did

Matthew EdwardsBOT ::walks into the mess hall and smiled seeing everything::

CelBOT It looks lovely. Thank you for telling me about your traditions, captain. ::smiles at him.::

Chef JC Gibbs ::Continues checking things off his list:: Coleslaw, check. ::looks up:: Hey everyone welcome.

Ens Alexi MichelleBOT Although I think He had a little help.

Capt_DevonCummings ::Walks up to the chef.:: You seem to have done wonders with the food, chef. Good job.

Seamus MacDoughall :: pours a big bag of Hershey's Kisses over the chef::

Ens Alexi MichelleBOT ::nods towards the Chef ... reading his apron:: Is that an order or a request? ::smirks::

Chef JC Gibbs ::looks shocked at the comment:: Me need help? You’re out of your mind. No food for you Alexi you get bread and water ::he joked as hershey kisses get poured over his head::

Ens_AshleyCorwinBOT ::Enters with Bradley.::

Sivain :: brings a tray of pink bottles for all who overindulge::

❙❙ Karlie Waters ::she looked around the room:: Sooo, wow...

Capt_DevonCummings ::Gets two drinks and heads to a table for him and Cel to sit at.::

Cel ::Sits:: Thank you Devon.

Chef JC Gibbs Dealers choice Alexi.

Ens Alexi MichelleBOT ::walks over:: Your Apron, Silly...

Capt_DevonCummings How hungry are you? ::Looks at Cel.::

Matthew EdwardsBOT ::walks over to grab himself a drink::

CelBOT ::Leans forward towards him:: Very.

❙❙ Karlie Waters ::joins Matthew and grabs a drink as well:: Greetings.

Seamus MacDoughall :: places a large carrot cake yule log appropriately decorated on the table with the rest of the sweets::

Capt_DevonCummings ::Smiles and stands up and heads to the buffet to get some food for them.::

Chef JC Gibbs I'd make it an order but I have no rank so a request. ::Scans the room:: oh I see everyone forgets the Christmas tradition about mistletoe ::pointing to the sprig over the mess hall door::

Capt_DevonCummings ::Gets a sample of each item on both plates, then returns to their table.::

Ens Alexi Michelle Well in that case... ::leans in to kiss Chef on the cheek:: I came in alone.

Matthew EdwardsB Hi there. ::he smiled at her::

Capt_DevonCummings ::Puts her plate before her.:: I brought you a sample of each item to try. ::Sits next to her.::

CelBOT Thank you. It all looks...totally unfamiliar to me.

Chef JC Gibbs ::blushing a little:: Thank you Alexi

ACTION: Bradley and Corwin line up for food.

❙❙ Karlie Waters How are you? ::she said, taking a sip::

Seamus MacDoughall weel ait luiks lak ye've got plainty o kaissis tanait ,Gibbsey

Ens Alexi Michelle My pleasure. Everything looks fantastic and smells even better!

Capt_DevonCummings I suggest you try a little bite of each. ::Picks up a piece of ham.:: This is ham. ::Puts it in his mouth and chews.::

Matthew Edwards I am doing wonderful. How are you?" ::he sips his beverage and looks at Karlie::

CelBOT ::Watches him. Then picks up the smallest piece and pops it in her mouth.::

Ens Alexi Michelle ::gets in the queue for the buffet table::

❙❙ Karlie Waters ::she shrugged:: Alive.

CelBOT Hmmmm...interesting texture and flavor.

Seamus MacDoughall ::waves to the Captain::

Lt_MarkBradleyBOT ::He and Corwin get their food and head to a table.::

Capt_DevonCummings ::Waves back.::

❙❙ Karlie Waters ::looked to the commander:: Care to join me to eat?

Sivain :: gets a plate and stays mostly with the vegetarian dishes for the night::

Ens Alexi Michelle ::grabs a little bit of each and then goes to sit at a table by herself, not wanting to impose on anyone::

Capt_DevonCummings Try the turkey. ::Shows her which is the turkey.::

Matthew EdwardsB ::he smiled and nods to her:: Yes. I'd like that a lot.

BoothbyBO ::Walks over to Alexi's table.:: May I sit with you?

Ens Alexi MichelleBOT Of course, Please join me!

CelBOT ::Picks up a piece of turkey and eats it.:: That is good.

Keera ::she looked to Calder else where:: Are we going to the party? ((Hello!))

BoothbyBOT ::Sits:: Thank you. I think I make everyone nervous if I just stand around and watch.

❙❙ Karlie Waters ::She walked with him over to the food:: Oh, do I see sweet potatoe casserole here?

CelBOT That too is delicious. Is this an Earth custom? Just serve marvelous tasting food?

Ens Alexi MichelleBO ::chuckles:: Yeah, I can understand that. They get nervous when I do it as well.

Seamus MacDoughall ::gets his own plate of food it goes over to Alexi's table as well:: "mait I Jine ye twa?"

Capt_DevonCummings ::Laughs:: No...some food is sometimes, not that good. The chef made all this by himself.

Ens Alexi MichelleB How are you doing with getting acclimated to the ship and crew?

Boothby ::Looks at Seamus.::

Chef JC Gibbs ::heads back in to the kitchen to refill the pots and bowls::

Matthew Edwards ::walks with her:: I see cornbread. And stuffing.

Boothby It is becoming easier, thank you.

❙❙ Karlie Waters ::She nodded:: And ham and turkey.

Ens Alexi MichelleB ::Looks up at Seamus:: Yes, Please join us.

Cel BOT What is this? ::points to the cornbread stuffing.::

Capt_DevonCummings That is called cornbread stuffing.

Matthew Edwards Awesome. ::grabs a plate for him and Karlie::

Seamus MacDoughall aye, an thair's mair tae lairn aiboot hair aill tha time

❙❙ Karlie Waters ::She called to the chef:: Do you have sweet potatoe Casserole?

Cel ::Takes a bite of the stuffing.:: Excellent.

Ens Alexi Michelle ::looks at Boothby:: Are you familiar with this custom?

Sgt Major Calder :: Getting a drink ::

Boothby Yes there is. ::Looks at Seamus.::

Matthew Edwards ::hands a plate to Karlie::

Chef JC Gibbs Coming out of the oven now ::he calls back to her from the kitchen::

Cel ::Samples everything on her plate.::

Keera ::gets a drink with Calder::

Seamus MacDoughall tapadh leit, thaink ye me laidy

Capt_DevonCummings ::He finishes what was on his plate.

❙❙ Karlie Waters ::She takes the plate and begins to put food on it.::

Sgt Major Calder Keera..

Keera ::smiled:: Calder.

Capt_DevonCummings You want more?

Sgt Major Calder I have never been much for parties.

Matthew Edwards ::starts making his plate::

Cel No....I don't want did you say it....overeat.

Ens Alexi Michelle ::chuckles:: Me? Lady? Stretching it a bit aren't you?

Keera ::gave a shrug:: it's free food and nice to enjoy to see how others act.

Ens_AshleyCorwin ::Looks at Bradley.:: Enjoying yourself?

Lt_MarkBradley ::Looks at Ashley.:: Yes I am. Are you?

Chef JC Gibbs ::comes out with the sweet potatoe Casserole::

Ens Gaavr :: Listening to the people speak ::

Sgt Major Calder Threat assessment

Seamus MacDoughall ye air, tae me saitt

Ens_AshleyCorwin ::Looks at Mark.:: Yes...yes I am.

Matthew Edwards There it is Karlie.

Boothby ::Watches the social interaction between Alexi and Seamus.::

❙❙ Karlie Waters ::she grinned:: That's a favorite.

Capt_DevonCummings I'll get us some drinks. ::Stands and goes for two drinks.::

Seamus MacDoughall gently lifted her free hand with his to his lips and placed a chaste kiss on her fingertips

Cel ::Watches him.::

Ens Alexi Michelle Ohhh...Sweet potato Casserole! YUM! If you will excuse me a moment... ::Gets up and heads straight for the casserole dish and gets herself a small serving::

Capt_DevonCummings ::Comes back with the drinks and sits. Watches his crew.::

Matthew Edwards Mine is the stuffing and cornbread.

Cel What are you doing?

Ens Alexi Michelle (I'd watch out with that Seamus, you've no idea where those hands have been!)

Chef JC Gibbs ::buzzer goes off in the kitchen chef hurries back in to the kitchen::

Matthew Edwards And lasagna. ::finishes his plate and smiled::

Capt_DevonCummings Watching the crew. It's good to see them relaxing for a change.

Seamus MacDoughall Seamus-- goes with her to get some of the casserole

❙❙ Karlie Waters ::she smiled:: I love cranberry sauce with my cornbread.

Cel They are a long way from home. They must miss it. That is why they need you to lead them.

Ens Alexi Michelle ::Hurries back to sit with Boothby:: Did you miss me?

❙❙ Karlie Waters ::she fills her plate with small portions of what was out there::

Boothby Yes.

❙ Seamus MacDoughall (so?)

Ens Alexi Michelle ::smiles at Boothby:: So, have you learned anything new and exciting?

Capt_Devon Only problem is.....if we can't find a shortcut back to Earth, none of us will be alive to see it again.

Matthew Edwards ::walks with Karlie as they sit at a table with the crew::

Boothby I've been learning everything about the ship that I can access. I hope to be a help to the captain and the crew.

Sivain watches the others as he eats

Cel Maybe find a planet and settle down.

Ens Alexi Michelle You already are. Make no mistake about that.

Boothby There is a saying the Earthers have....pulling your weight. I wish to do that.

Ens_AshleyCorwin Mark?

Lt_MarkBradley Yes?

Sgt Major Calder (w) You think people look at us as a 'couple'?

Ens_AshleyCorwin Want to leave and go back to my quarters?

Lt_MarkBradley ::Looks at her.:: Yes.

Matthew Edwards ::saves a seat for Karlie next to him::

Keera (w) I doubt it.

Ens Alexi Michelle ::smiles as she watches Gibbs rush back and forth from the kitchen:: Boothby, I have no doubt that you will.

ACTION: Bradley and Corwin get up and leave the mess together.

❙❙ Karlie Waters ::she sat down next to Matthew;: this is some party here. Not like home for me...

Sgt Major Calder (w) I would not be surprised if people are pairing off, given our situation

Boothby I can act as a conduit for the captain, accessing ship's systems faster than the ship's computer can.

Keera (w) well, it's natural.

Capt_DevonCummings ::Watches Corwin and Bradley leave together.::

Matthew Edwards It sure is.

Capt_DevonCummings ::Stands.:: May I have your attention for a moment.

Seamus MacDoughall -- as Alexi is talking to Boothby, Seamus what's a handful of Hershey Kisses beside her plate

Ens Alexi Michelle And you can provide an unbiased account of events or suggestions. That will be vital for us all.

Chef JC Gibbs ::comes out of the kitchen empty handed just to turn around and go back in as another buzzer sounds::

Ens Alexi Michelle ::looks up to give Cummings her undivided attention::

Matthew Edwards ::looks at the Captain::

Capt_DevonCummings I want to thank those responsible for this party tonight. Thanks to the people who did the decorations and of course, the chef, for the food.

Ens Gaavr :: Moves over to Keera and Calder :: Greetings

Capt_DevonCummings It's been a rough couple of months since we arrived here.

❙❙ Karlie Waters ::she smiled at the captain::

Matthew Edwards ::nods as he spoke::

Keera Greetings, Gaavr ::smiled::

Capt_DevonCummings The road home will be hard, and probably dangerous.

❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain Seamus and Sivain-- look to the Captain

Ens Alexi Michelle ::nods in agreement with the Captain::

Capt_DevonCummingsB But I will not rest until we have exhausted every opportunity to get home.

Chef JC Gibbs YOUR WELCOME ::he yelled form the kitchen then a string of curses as he forgot the hot pad when removing a pie from the oven::

Capt_DevonCummings You are, by far, the best crew in the fleet. Ordinary people would have given up by now. But not you.

Ens Gaavr (w) I hear you two are... a pair.

Capt_DevonCummings But enough talking....enjoy your food. Merry Christmas.

Matthew Edwards Hear hear. ::holds his cup for a toast:: Merry Christmas everyone!

❙❙ Karlie Waters Merry christmas!

Ens Gaavr12/23/2020
Don't worry. I won't tell anyone.

❙ Seamus MacDoughall -- Chuckles Softly "I wandir iffin hay's luikin fer same rawby slaippirs yait?"

Keera (w) that's just a guess. We're friends.

Ens Alexi Michelle ::hears Chef and gets up to make sure he is ok... enters the kitchen warily:: Is everything okay in here?

Capt_DevonCummings ::Sits back down.::

❙ Seamus MacDoughall -- Nollag Cridheil

Ens Gaavr I hear very well. :: points to his ears :: I think it's the only reason I'm in communications.

Cel Very inspiring speech.

Keera ::she blushed:: I keep forgetting that.

❙❙ Karlie Waters ::turned to her food and began to eat:: Mm, the Casserole is good.

Capt_DevonCummings ::Stands up.:: Remember......the next shift is looking forward to their time here, so enjoy got 20 minutes till your shifts. ::Holds out his hand for Cel, and they head towards the door.::

Boothby ::Gets up and follows the captain.::

Sgt Major Calder I should bring you along on more surveillance missions.

Chef JC Gibbs Yep all good, like a dumb ass I am got in a hurry and grabbed the pie without hot mitts

Ens Alexi Michelle Would you like some help?

Chef JC Gibbs No no I’m good.

Ens Alexi Michelle At least until you take care of your hands? Because I'm not leaving until I know you are really okay.

Ens Gaavr I'll let you two be. :: grins and walks to another place ::

Keera ::laughed:: really?

Capt_DevonCummings ::Notices Boothby is behind them.:: Boothby, why don't you meet me on the bridge?

Sivain -- goes to check on Gibbs and take care of his hands

Boothby Of course, captain. ::Heads to the turbolift.::

❙❙ Karlie Waters ::looked to Matthew:: where's your girl?

Capt_DevonCummings I swear, if I'm not careful, he'll watch me while I sleep.

Cel He does want to follow you everywhere.

Matthew Edwards ::he sighed and looked at Karlie::

ACTION: Cel and Cummings make it back to his quarters.

Chef JC Gibbs Hands are fine it was hot and I was able to get the pie out of them before it burnt ::showing his hands::

Matthew Edwards We are not a couple no more

Capt_DevonCummings I have to get to the bridge. I'll be back soon.

Cel I will miss you. I think I need to find something to do if I am to stay on the ship. Can you think of anything?

❙❙ Karlie Waters ::took another bite of food:: Awe, I'm sorry to hear that. ::she said in a sad tone:: I wish I could help make amends.

Sivain -- all right I was wanting to make sure

Capt_DevonCummings Let me think about it, okay? ::Gives her a kiss then heads to to the TL.::

Ens Alexi Michelle ::crosses her arms and raises an eyebrow:: Somehow I am not convinced. I think you could use a hand in here so you can take a minute to breathe

Keera ::nudged Calder:: Ready to go, before we 'are' noticed?

Sivain -- nods his head in agreement

Sgt Major Calder Yeah, we should exit.

ACTION: The next shift starts to enter the messhall.

Keera ::nodded and followed Calder out of the messhall::

Chef JC Gibbs ::smiles:: I'm ok that was the last thing in the oven everything is cooked and as soon as it cools the last thing to serve.

Ens Alexi Michelle ::grabs an apron and ties it on:: I am here to help.. so.. boss... what next?

Capt_DevonCummings ::Gets to the bridge and relieves the deck officer.::

Matthew Edwards Well, you being here is great.

Sgt Major Calder :: In the corridor :: Don't know about you, but being around too many people tenses me up.

Capt_DevonCummings Pause sim.

Ens Alexi Michelle ::AA::

Sivain -- Checks Gibbs ' hands to make sure they're okay before getting another tray of the pink bottles for the next shift
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain AA X2

❙❙ Karlie Waters ::aa::

Capt_DevonCummings Good job all. Question: skip next week or sim a New Years party?

❙❙ Karlie Waters I'm for a new years party, if others are.

❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards I sure am of course

❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain Six of one half a dozen to me

❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards I came with the idea last week lol

Alexi Michelle New Years Eve party sounds good... I can roust everyone who gets drunk LOL

Capt_DevonCummings Okay it is. Everyone...have a safe and Merry Christmas friday.
Commander, say your peace then let them go.
@Alexi Michelle Even if the captain gets drunk?????

❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards Lol

Ens Alexi Michelle ::smiles innocently:: Especially then!

Matthew Edwards Hope you all enjoyed the party. Hope to see you all next week for a New Year's Eve party.
Have a happy, safe and Merry Christmas everyone!

Capt_DevonCummings Okay crewman...guess you will be scrubbing the intake manifolds next year.

❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain For your information , Nolleg Cridheil is Scot Gaelic for Merry Christmas

Capt_DevonCummings God Yul.


Capt_DevonCummings Norwegian for Merry Christmas. Night all....enjoy your weekend.

Alexi Michelle Good thing I am not an engineer.....

❙❙ Karlie Waters hehe

Alexi Michelle S Rozhdestvom! Russian for Merry Christmas

❙❙ Karlie Waters Ah, cool. I only know the spanish, which no doubt most know.


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