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Live Sim SD November 18

Posted on Sat Nov 21st, 2020 @ 4:20am by Captain Matthew Edwards & Sergeant Major John Calder & Crewman James Gibbs & Sivain & Ensign Seamus MacDoughall & Ensign Zhur Gaavr
Edited on on Sat Nov 21st, 2020 @ 4:24am

2,402 words; about a 12 minute read

Mission: Where are we?

LCARS: ​Attention On Deck

❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: ::attn::
Portman> ::attn::

Ensign Chloe Waters: ::sneezes violently::
((Small crowd.))

❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: ::AA::x2

Ensign Chloe Waters: ((So is there a sim or?))

❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: [hold on, got a guest]

(Guest) Alexi Michelle: ::AA::

❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: Free sim tonight

Ens Gaavr: Here, mostly

Ensign Chloe Waters: ::rh::

❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: Waters?

Ensign Chloe Waters: Will sim time be extended since it's 20 after?

❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: Yes. When it's free sim, it usually is

Ensign Chloe Waters: ::nodnod:: For folks who haven't seen it, check out the general channel for a little character info about Chloe, since I haven't been able to post her bio yet.\

❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: Everyone ready?

LCARS: Begin Free Sim

Ens Gaavr: :: Listening to subspace transmissions from the bridge ::
Ensign Chloe Waters: ((I will wait for everyone else to establish locations before I establish Chloe's.))
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Seamus> ;;in the galley, getting the galaxy's biggest turkey into the roasting pan with about 8 kinds of dressing in their own pans around the big bird;;
Sivain> ;;also in the galley doing a number of vegetarian dishes to go along with the turkey and all that Seamus was doing;;
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: [This is not the Thanksgiving Sim, that is next week]
❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: (yes. Tonight is for fun.)

(Guest) Alexi Michelle: ::wanders around looking at all the neat things on the ship::

Ensign Chloe Waters: ((No harm in preparing for it IC, though?))
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: ( and what makes you think it's not fun for them?)
Ensign Chloe Waters: ::strolls onto the bridge, even though she's not technically on duty. SHe'd been informed she was chief helm officer not long ago::
Ens Gaavr: :: Extending the receiver as far as it can go ::

(Guest) Alexi Michelle: ::peeks into different rooms::

❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: ::Was on the bridge right now in Edwards place for now in the main chair:: Waters. What are you doing up here?
Ensign Chloe Waters: ::just kinda walks around, looking at everything from her 4 foot 5 inch height::
::looks towards the person speaking to her, responds in a completely monotone voice without her lips moving:: Observing, primarily. Since I will no doubt be located here more frequently in the future.

(Guest) Alexi Michelle: ::walks to the nearest turbolift and decides to check out the bridge::

Ensign Chloe Waters: ((Wait who is Alexi?))
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: I would think so, Ensign. ::The full Romulan raised an eyebrow::

Alexi Michelle: ((Guest))
((or maybe a Spy Mwahahah))

❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: (you can watch but not play. Less you are interested in joining)

Alexi Michelle: (it's a FREE sim... isn't it??))

❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: [whoa whoa yall let me guest in this sim before I joined, during non-free sim before, I said there shouldn't be an issue]
Ensign Chloe Waters: ::moves around the room, feeling somehow heavier. She is apparently unaware of the slightly furry nature of her uniform by her rear end::

Alexi Michelle: ((::Sits in the TurboLift::))

❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: ;;Seamus starts working on the mix for a large size carrot cake for people to enjoy;;
Sivain, not to be outdone, starts working on assembling a trifle filled with cake, fruit and custard;;
Ensign Chloe Waters: ((It's a free sim yeah, but it's probably a good idea to establish a character before you jump in. ))(edited)

(Guest) Teayana Starr: (being invited into a sim and if it's a FREE sim people can join in)

(Guest) Alexi Michelle: ((Alexi Michelle is a Marine Pararescue Jumper))

Ens Gaavr: :: Scanning manually takes time, but he had little else to do ::
Ensign Chloe Waters: ::pauses by the ensign's console, looks curiously at it and continues on::
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: Excuse me, Ensign Waters? have you been twerking, I believe that is the the carpet? ::motions to her furry rear of the uniform.::
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Seamus>;;gets the cake ready to go into another oven along with some Irish soda rolls;;
Ensign Chloe Waters: ::looks towards the Romulan, completely perplexed::
::without her mouth moving while looking directly at the officer:: I do not understand.
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Sivain>;; grins as he's enjoying himself as he also adds a strawberry-rhubarb pie to the dishes along with a dozen loaves of Banana bread;;
❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: ::arrives on the Bridge::
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: Your uniform. Give a look at the back.
❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: What did I miss?
Ensign Chloe Waters: I am afraid I am not that dexterous, sir.

(Guest)Alexi Michelle: ::rides the turbolift to the bridge, but does not enter when the door open:: Permission to enter the bridge, Sirs?

Ensign Chloe Waters: Unless you happen to have an imager handy.
(( ::ducks:: ))
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Seamus> ;;worked in easy harmony with the Vulcan in prepping dishes ahead of time that they'd be needing for the big feast;;
Sivain>;; got a large stewpot and began working on a large amount of plomeek soup as well as several other varieties that people might enjoy;;
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: ::stands up from the main chair when Edwards comes in:: Nothing at the moment sir. Everything seems to befine and we are just figuring out why Ensign Waters has fuzz on her rear. ::Moving over to find some reflective surface and hold it out:: Try this.
❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: ::looks over at the turbolift:: Granted
Ensign Chloe Waters: ((Mostly Chloe pacing around without realizing she has dog hair on the butt of her uniform))
((Oh, that was IC))
::blinks, huffs:: I thought I dislodged that fur before I departed my quarters.

(Guest)Alexi Michelle: ::steps onto the bridge:: Thank you, Sir.
I thought I would introduce myself, Alexi Michelle at your service.

❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Seamus>;; while everything else is cooking, starts making a platterful of sandwiches on various kinds of bread to take up to the bridge for them to snack on;;
Sivain> Comes along with a large tray of coffee mugs and adulterants for the people that want that;;
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: That particularly makes me curious, just where that came from.
Ensign Chloe Waters: My canine.
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: I see. Carry on.
❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: Alexi. I'm Commander Edwards. First Officer of the Ares.
Ensign Chloe Waters: ::just keeps wandering the room in a weird sort of pattern, drawing closer to her console::

(Guest)Alexi Michelle: A pleasure to meet you Sir. I have been touring your vessel. I find it quite interesting.

❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Seamus and Sivain>;; get the sandwiches and coffee up to the Bridge and put them on a small table at the back by the turbolifts;;
Sivain>If anyone's hungry there are sandwiches and coffee at the back
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: It won't bite you, Ms. Waters.
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Seamus> Aye lassie, ait jist mait naibbil ait ye ivvry ance ain a whaile
(Aye lassie it just might nibble at you every once in a while)
❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: Thank you
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Seamus>Nae priblim sair
Ensign Chloe Waters: I fail to see any teeth or any indication of a any sort of digestive ability.
((She sounds like a robot with her monotone, but her mouth is not moving.))
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Sivain> true but not all species injest their sustenance by mouth either
Ensign Chloe Waters: ((Shadow I hate to say it. My screenreader is never going to be able to deal with that accent. ))
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: (ok)

(Guest)Alexi Michelle: ::watches the interaction of the others on the bridge and wonders how anyone can understand the heavy scotts accent::

❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: Everything ok Ms. Michelle?
Ensign Chloe Waters: ((I love the idea, but yeah))
::briefly watches the watcher::

(Guest)Alexi Michelle: Oh, Yes. I have just not had much experience with heavy native tongues of some areas of earth.

❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: Its a phrase. The way you were being hesitant to going to your station. Like it was going to bite you if you got to close.
❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: Oh. ::laughs:: Yeah. It takes a while to get used to and to understand.
Ensign Chloe Waters: I am simply observing. Fear of inanimate objects biting oneself is irrational.
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Seamus>:;shaking his head:: Sassanachs
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: ::motions a hand:: Then take a seat, Ensign.

(Guest)Alexi Michelle: ::nods:: I suppose every one of us has our own sort of accent

Ensign Chloe Waters: ((I don't see no points on your ears, girl, but you sound like a Vulcan.))(edited)
❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: That we do
::nods and heads over to his chair::
Ensign Chloe Waters: ::moves to sit down in her chair, trips and falls::

(Guest)Alexi Michelle: ((no points on these ears, just a Military background IC))

❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Seamus>;;is over by Chloe's console so is there to catch her when she trips;;

(Guest)Alexi Michelle: ::Stands at a military Parade Rest as she observes::

❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: ::Ritcher wasn't close enough to get Chloe, but he tried. Stopping since Seamus got there.::
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Seamus>;; scans the area to see what could have made her trip and if it is something that immediately needs to be repaired;;
Ensign Chloe Waters: ::huffs quietly, barely avoiding belatedly lashing out to cushion her fall since someone caught her::
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Seamus>;;even if she did lash out Seamus was like a big fluffy but muscular teddy bear;;
Ye alright?
Ensign Chloe Waters: ::huffs quietly and looks down at her short legs::
I am intact.
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Seamus> Alright
Ensign Chloe Waters: ::hops up into a chair clearly designed for someone much taller than she was::

(Guest)Alexi Michelle: ::was ready to assist case a medic was required::

❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: The chair adjusts, Ensign. ::Turning over to move back up where Alexi was:: We don't require you to play a statue unless necessary.
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Seamus>;;smiles;; Ye need me tae see about a step fer ye fer tha chair?
Ensign Chloe Waters: ::nods to Seamus:: That may be of significant value.

(Guest)Alexi Michelle: ::raises an eyebrow:: I am just used to standing like this. Years of being around the military will do that.

Ens Gaavr: (grr)
❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: Well, this is a Starfleet ship. You can roam around a bit.
:: looking at Alexi ::
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Seamus>Alright I'll werk an ait

(Guest)Alexi Michelle: ::nods:: Thank you, Sir.

Ensign Chloe Waters: ::nods::

(Guest)Alexi Michelle: ::begins to walk around the bridge and check out the various stations::

❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Sivain>;;headed back down to the Galley to get the dishes that were ready out of the ovens;;
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: ::Moves back over to Tactical::

LCARS: ​Pause Sim

(Guest)Alexi Michelle: ::AA::

❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: ::@@::x2
Ensign Chloe Waters: ::pause::
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: ::paws::
Portman> ::paws::

❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: Fun night tonight everyone?

(Guest)Alexi Michelle: Yes, Thank you for letting me join in

❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: You're welcome
Ensign Chloe Waters: ::nodnod::
❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: So next week, we are having a Ares Thanksgiving.
To celebrate Thanksgiving a bit early before the day itself.
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: ;;rh;;
❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: Yes Seamus
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Well the food is already getting cooked for the big party
❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: We noticed
Ens Gaavr: Sorry all, the free sim just was not for me tonight
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: it took two weeks for me to get everything together IRL for a Roman banquet for SCA
❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: It's ok Gaavr
❙ Keera Rey: It wasn't for me, either.
❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: So next week should be a fun banquet
It's ok guys. It happens.

(Guest)Alexi Michelle: Hopefully the Chef won't throw it all away

Ensign Chloe Waters: ::rh::
❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: Yes Chloe
Ensign Chloe Waters: Can the doggo come to dinner?
❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: ::laughs:: Sure. Just make sure he behaves
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: Shouldn't that be Chef's job, not yours? Or do we just throw his character out @❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Seamus>I'll have the ribs from a Prime rib all ready for him
Ensign Chloe Waters: ((There's no reason they couldn't be volunteering to help in the kitchen. ))
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: It's a hobby like it is for me doing the feasts for Amtgard and SCA
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: [As it stands she ALWAYS does all the menus, no one else. We have @Chef JC Gibbs and its his job.]
Chef JC Gibbs: what about the CHEF?
❙ Keera Rey: ((Team work. Some people cannot learn it.))
Chef JC Gibbs: I take fingers for those that enter my kitchen uninvited
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: I'm more than willing to work as a hobbyist under you Chef
Chef JC Gibbs: ah so I acquired a minion of sorts
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: two

(Guest)Alexi Michelle: A Galley Wench?

❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: no both my charries are male
Chef JC Gibbs: lovely two male stewards to peel potatos
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: but with Seamus also in Engineering, maybe a Galley Wrench?
❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: Hmmm
❙ Keera Rey: If you cannot be nice, don't bother.

(Guest)Alexi Michelle: LOL

Ensign Chloe Waters: So uh
❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: Dog yes.
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: He said as long as he behaved it was fine
❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: Just make sure he behaves
Ensign Chloe Waters: Dog> ::sniffs::
Chef JC Gibbs: ::grumbles:: Fine it stays out of the kitchen and the trash and no messes on the floor or its puppy dog stew.
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Sivain> service dog, miss Chloe?
❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: So if nothing else...
Have a good week and a good night everyone.

LCARS: Dismissed

❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: I'm off to bed now

(Guest)Alexi Michelle: night

❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: Good night
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: Squish

--- Notice ---

❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: IMPORTANT: Guests must be cleared by the commanding officer first before they can either watch or join in.

If A commanding Officer Tells you that you cannot participate, but watch. Respect by watching, not showing an attitude. Even if the simulation is a Free one. It does not give you the right to participate, if you are not planning on joining.


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