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Live Sim SD: November 11th

Posted on Sat Nov 21st, 2020 @ 3:02am by Warrant Officer Keera Rey & Captain Matthew Edwards & Sergeant Major John Calder & Crewman James Gibbs
Edited on on Sat Nov 21st, 2020 @ 3:03am

2,577 words; about a 13 minute read

Mission: Where are we?


LCARS: ​Attention On Deck

Ens Gaavr: aa
❙ Keera Rey: ::aa::
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: AAx2
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: ::attn::
Portman> ::attn::
Ens Gaavr: aa
Sgt Major Calder: aa
Chef JC Gibbs: ::aa::

Matthew Edwards: Here
I'm surprised the Captain isn't here.
❙ Keera Rey: Free sim?
Matthew Edwards: I say yes. Especially since today is Veteran's Day
Everyone up for a free sim?
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: Sure
❙ Keera Rey: Yes.
Sgt Major Calder: Sure
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: sorry still sore from a near wreck that sent me under my wheelchair
❙ Keera Rey: Get better.
Matthew Edwards: Yes. Get better
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: doing my best
night y'all
❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: Have a good night
❙ Keera Rey: (Still at ::aa:: Commander.)
Matthew Edwards: Ok everyone.

LCARS: Begin Free Sim

❙ Keera Rey: She smiled as she dressed in her quarters, "I am heading to the mess hall. Want to come?"
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: Portman> ::Natalie was still piddling around at Tactical, even though she was suppose to be off duty now.::
Sgt Major Calder: "Sounds good," What has Chef cooked up?
❙ Keera Rey: ::She thought for a moment:: Should we hold hands or should we wait about the whole showing others that we're into each other?
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: Portman> ::Gave up waiting and headed to the Mess Hall, she was hungry.::
Sgt Major Calder: "Well, I'd not clear the tables for us just yet." He smiled. "I will gladly hold your hand. I think there are a few others that have paired off."
Matthew Edwards: Matt sat in the mess hall waiting for Natalie. She hoped someone took over Tactical now that their shifts were over.
Sgt Major Calder: "That said, maybe we should keep is civil."
❙ Keera Rey: ::She held out her hand for him:: Then let's go.
Sgt Major Calder: Calder held onto her hand, giving it a pleasing squeeze.
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: And there she was, coming over to him before getting something to eat, leaning to give Matt a quick kiss. "Hi there handsome."
Sgt Major Calder: "What are you hungry for today, if you could have anything?"
❙ Keera Rey: She smiled, "It depends on what our Chef has served."
Matthew Edwards: Matt smiles and kisses her. "Hey." He hugs her. "Ready for some dinner?"
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: "Of course, what's for dinner?" Letting go.
Sgt Major Calder: "It's just as well. I like to be only given a few choices, or let someone choose for me." He smiled as they walked. "It's like intimacy, asking for some act and getting it is not as interesting than being surprised."
❙ Keera Rey: She gave a polite nod, "That is very true as Life can be full of surprises."
Matthew Edwards: "Not sure. I'm excited to see what Chef made." He nods for her to follow him.
Sgt Major Calder: "So, Keera, when you a restaurant. Do you get a favorite food each time or choose something different?" He thought and frowned. "I end up getting the same thing, most of the time."
Chef JC Gibbs: The chef made vegetarian Lasagna.
Sgt Major Calder: Keera and John arrived at the mess hall, the Ares being a series of short walks if you are not in the middle of a crisis.
❙ Keera Rey: She looked to Calder, "I would hope that it's something I can handle. Certain foods, don't settle with me."
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: "Alright," Turning on heel and to follow him.
Sgt Major Calder: Calder looked alarmed. "Anything you simply can't stomach?
❙ Keera Rey: "There's a possibility." She smiled at him.
Sgt Major Calder: "Oh, it's a little busy." He spied for a free table.
Matthew Edwards: "Hey Chef." He walked over and smiled. "What's on tonight's menu?"
❙ Keera Rey: She followed him to the table.
Sgt Major Calder: "I'll get something for us both."
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: "I don't smell meat cooking.." Tilting her head, after all you can tell the difference, or at least she could.
❙ Keera Rey: She gave a nod as she sat down to wait on him. Her thoughts wander as she stared out at the stars.
Chef JC Gibbs: "Vegetarian Lasagna. Had to use the supply we got from the alien ship not enough room in stores." Chef said loudly from the kitchen.
Sgt Major Calder: Calder brought over two plates of whatever they had. He placed them on their table. "I got what they had. Remember, perfect is the enemy of good."
❙ Keera Rey: She smiled, "Lasagna." She made sure to make a mental note in her head to tell the Chef thank you later. She went to grab a drink and the utensils.
Sgt Major Calder: "Yep, easy to make for large groups."
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: " we're trying alien food, lovely."
Matthew Edwards: "Mmmm. Veggie lasagna. Sounds good." He looks at Natalie and smiled with a shrug.
Sgt Major Calder: He spoke to Keera softly. "I should make you some of the foods I learned in survival."
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: "I shall try some of your alien lasagna, Chef."
Matthew Edwards: "Me too."
❙ Keera Rey: She looked at him and whispered back, "In the quarters?" She never did anything of the sort before.
She had sat down the drinks and utensils. "I hope you like the drink that I have gotten you."
Sgt Major Calder: "Well, maybe a different kind of fire, but there are some things." He grinned. Even a pulse rifle can cook. My best food is dessert." He winked.
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: Natalie poked Matts side and motioned her head to Keera and Calder. "There is something afoot, my dear Watson."
❙ Keera Rey: She looked curious, "I love desserts, but I don't do much of that."
Chef JC Gibbs: Chef came out with 5 plates of the Vegetarian lasagna setting it one in front of each of them.
❙ Keera Rey: "Thank you, Chef." She smiled and then she turned her attention to Calder, "Let's eat."
Matthew Edwards: He looked over and smiled a little. "I see that." He laughed quietly.
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: One, two, three, four...five? "Are you joining us Chef?"
Chef JC Gibbs: "if you all don't mind if i did? I usually eat after most of the crew is served and usually in my office."
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: She shook her head, "Of course not, come, sit, sit." Moving over after grabbing something to drink to invade Keera and Calder's table.
Sgt Major Calder: He started to eat, enjoying the mix of human and alien spices.
Matthew Edwards: "Yeah Chef. You should join us." He grabs a cup and went to the beverage dispenser. "Arnold Palmer."
❙ Keera Rey: She took a sip of her drink.
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: "Well hi." Sitting down.
Chef JC Gibbs: "thank you." he said and too his seat. "i hope you enjoy it."
Matthew Edwards: He grabs his drink and sits with Natalie.
Sgt Major Calder: "So how long do you think well be stuck on the ship?"
❙ Keera Rey: She looked out the window, "I have no clue."
She turned her attention to Natalie, "Hello."
Chef JC Gibbs: Chef chuckles, "as long as i have to keep you feed."
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: "Stuck on the ship? We all kind of signed up for this, silly." Going ahead and trying the lasagna. It wasn't as bad as she figured it would be. "Not bad, Chef."
Chef JC Gibbs: "thanks." he took a bit himself.
❙ Keera Rey: She quietly ate, agreeing in a way with Natalie. However, she did this as an escape away from Earth.
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: "So what have you two been up to?" Wiggling her eyebrow with a shit eating grin.
❙ Keera Rey: She gave a small shrug, "Talking. It did involve some drinking at first, but I was able to face that with help." She gave a smile.
Sgt Major Calder: "I'd like a planet side mission, sleeping under the stars rather than in them."
Matthew Edwards: He eats the lasagna and smiled. It was tastier than expected. "Good work on the lasagna Chef."
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: "Oh..just talking huh with drinking." Giving a smirk.
Chef JC Gibbs: "thanks you. It was fun to work with ingredients i dont usually use. Calder count your blessing you have a soft bunk to lay on i did my time planet side and sleeping on rocks and doing run and guns are not fun."
❙ Keera Rey: She gave a nod, "Yes. What about you two?" She gestured to the couple.
Matthew Edwards: Matt looked at Nat and gave a smile and looked back at Keera. "What about us?" He laughed and drank his beverage.
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: "What do you think we've been doing?" That was both a practical and rhetorical question at the same time.
❙ Keera Rey: She smiled, "It doesn't really bother, because what happens behind closed doors. It should remain there."
Chef JC Gibbs: "secrets on a star ship are a no-no i can tell you from experience they will get out." waggling his fork at them.
Sgt Major Calder: Calder sensed something and grabbed hold of her hand. "Hmm."
"Sweets," he brought her in for a kiss," your lasagna is getting cold."
Chef JC Gibbs: Chef go up and headed back to the kitchen, entering his office he came back with a tall mug on a light brown color with a bit of a frothy head on it.
Matthew Edwards: He looked at Natalie and shrugged. "Well, no secrets from us."
❙ Keera Rey: She replied back with her own kiss, "Sorry, mind is being distracted." She took a few bites of her food.
Sgt Major Calder: He said quietly. "Something between you two?"
Chef JC Gibbs: "can you tell dont need a vulcan to figure out they are "sweet" for each other." taking a seat and taking a large gulp out of the mug.
❙ Keera Rey: She shook her head, "It feels like a dream that I had, before I left earth. I was reminded of that dream." She kissed Calder again.
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: She shook her head, "Nope, no secrets, and you are just now catching on to that?"
Matthew Edwards: He laughed and shook his head.
Chef JC Gibbs: Continued to eat and listen.
❙ Keera Rey: She ate some more of her food, "This is delicious."
Chef JC Gibbs: He nodded, as his mouth was full.
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: Natalie finished hers and glanced to Gibbs, "Is there more?"
Chef JC Gibbs: "yes there is half pan left. So feel free to dig in every one."
Matthew Edwards: He finishes his and looks at the Chef. "Nice. I don't usually get seconds. But in this case, I am gonna."
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: "If you're going to, will you bring me more also, please, dear." Holding her plate up and batting her eyes sweetly.
Keera Rey: She looked to Natalie, "Where's your chief?"
Chef JC Gibbs: Chef just rolled his eyes.
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman:
"The pointy eared cuddlie monster? Probably the one that took over at Tactical for me, even though he shouldn't have."
Keera Rey: "I see"
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: "Could always poke at him and see if he'll join us."
Matthew Edwards: He chuckled and takes Natalie's plate and goes to get them both another piece of lasagna. Afterwards, he returns and gives Natalie her plate and sat back down.
Keera Rey: "That's okay." She ate another bite of food.
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: "Thank you," giving Matt a quick kiss before starting in on the new plate of food, "Why don't you tell us about yourself Chef. Other than you've seen combat, and clues about the ground, I'm going to guess MACO."(edited)
Matthew Edwards: "Yeah Chef. Tell us a bit more about yourself."
Chef JC Gibbs: He chuckled, "was a MACO had to be medically retired, got some strange disease that destroyed my back leaving me in a wheel chair. Broke and homeless a man found me and helped me. I cant serve as a MACO or Starfleet, so i followed my passion of cooking. Round about way ended back on a NX class ship."
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: Natalie smiled lightly that she'd guessed right. "At least you are still here around this and who knows, what if the ship gets taken over. You'll get to shoot people in the face again."
Keera Rey: She laid her head against Calder, listening to them.
Chef JC Gibbs: "one can hope and dream little one. I have plenty of knives too." he joked.
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: She'd finished that second pretty quick. "Did you me little one?"
Matthew Edwards: He looked at Chef and ate more of his lasagna. "Least you can still kick some ass and cook some good food."
Chef JC Gibbs: He chuckled at her reaction, "I try to kick the foods ass more than peoples but never know might find me sparing or practicing my marksmanship."
Keera Rey: Before Keera knew it, She fell asleep on him and them.
Matthew Edwards: Matt sees Keera call asleep. "Ooop. Someone's tired."
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: There was this long grin that just came across her face, "Oh really now. Is that a challenge?" She knew it wasn't, but maybe it was now.
Chef JC Gibbs: "no little one you may break me i'm not 100%"
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: "I'm sure you're just down playing," leaning up and giving him a peck on the cheek.
Chef JC Gibbs: He chuckled, "no not really cant really move like i use to. Unless lives are on the line."
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: "What does mobility have to do with marksmanship, Gibbs?" Yeah, she switched from Chef since they have been having a dialog. It was more personal. As it should be, he was part of the crew, family.
Chef JC Gibbs: "Little one. Marksmanship isn't just hitting targets its about adapting to the environment and how the target moves. It may mean twisting ones body around a rock to get the shot and not get shot."
Keera Rey: She laid on Calder, sleeping from a full stomach.
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: "I'm fully aware, I beat that little test given shortly after I was brought on board. Which is why I'm where I am now. It still doesn't mean we can't have a little fun contest that doesn't require you to move around that much." Giving a thought a moment, "Besides, wouldn't you like to do something to keep up to us 'little ones'? We do have that fancy holo-whatever its called thing now."(edited)
Chef JC Gibbs: "Why does this sounds like a challenge and trap all in the same breath."
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: "I don't know, is it?" Raising an eyebrow.
Chef JC Gibbs: "ok lets set some ground rules best out of 3 you set up one i'll set up one and we will have some one else set up one. The one that gets the best score per event gets a point need 2 out of 3 to win."
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: Natalie smiled happily, "Accepted. I can't wait for you to kick my ass."
Chef JC Gibbs: "Nope deals off, now i know this is a trap."
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: "How is it a trap?"

❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: =/\= End Log =/\=


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