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Posted on Thu Oct 8th, 2020 @ 6:39am by Ensign Keera Rey & Sergeant Major John Calder
Edited on on Thu Oct 8th, 2020 @ 6:39am

Mission: Where are we?

=/\= Begin Transmission=/\=

Keera plopped down in a chair. "I can not wait to start my new shift."
She didn't realize that she was in the armory. She thought that this place was deserted and a place to hide. She pulled out a hidden bottle of Whiskey. "This should do." She tried to pull the cork, but it wouldn't budge.

Calder, the to-himself security officer turned around to hear someone in the armory with him. Their back was turned, but she, he guessed from the hair, had yet to see him. Next he heard a struggle with something in her hand. A glint of light revealing it to be a bottle. Spirits no doubt.

"I think you need a screwdriver," he said with a commanding tone.

She was about to drop the bottle, when she saw the maco "F***, I didn't think anyone was in here."

He stepped forward. "I like to keep quiet...and it seems I do a pretty good job at it." His face entered the light, but the light from above created more of a silhouette of his form. "I'm Calder, security. Who might you be?"

She hid her bottle "I'm Keera Rey." She studied him a little more. "I'm to be the new Science. Others disappeared, I believe?"

"That's what I heard, not on my watch though. Still," he uttered with concern. "Are you celebrating something, or running away from something?"

She studied him. "I drink to forget my damn past."

Natalie was suppose to be doing her rounds, while the biggins were doing their thing on the bridge. She needed something to do. Being Tactical, she might as well check down in there also, even if that was Calders field.

She pulled out the bottle, to try to open it again

Calder laughed. "That's one thing you can't escape at even warp speed." He sighed. "You on duty?"

'I just signed off." She looked at him, "Are you trying to get me in trouble?"

"Would I need to do that or are you capable of that yourself?" He extended his arm and gestured for her to hand the bottle over.

She handed him the bottle, "I study science, not mischief."

Nat moved along a little bit hearing the voices, and following them.

"I bet." In his other hand revealed an old multi-tool, one of the tools being a corkscrew. Calder flipped it out and drove the tip into the cork. Twisting until it was deep enough, he yanked it in one swift move, extricating it from the bottle. He stared to give it back to her, but pulled it back towards him at the last moment. "My reward." He took a quick swig, swallowed, then winced a bit. "Hmm," he exclaimed, then gave the bottle back to her.

"F***", She quietly said. "I guess, but you should have asked for your reward."

He folded up his tool. "I was the one with the key, and besides this way you don't hurt yourself trying to get the cork loose." The security officer thought for a moment as he moved to sit on the table closest to her. "What kind of scientist are you?"

She thought for a moment, "I'm venturing into new areas." She gestured for her whiskey bottle. "I was an Earth Scientist, but with a goal of advancement with life."

As she was not getting up from her seat, he gingerly placed the bottle in her hand, then the cork in the other. "Sounds like that might come in handy if we have to plant roots here."

Keera glanced at him, after taking a swig "It might, but I don't plant. I change the course of what's there."

He smiled. "In the event we calculate the chance of us getting back is zero. I figure security will be an issue." He studied her for a moment. "Care to tell me what past you are running from in my armory?"

"Death," She softly said and she took another drink of her whiskey, hiding her burn hand scars on her left hand

"Oh, near death experience? I've had brushes, but not an entire event."

She shook her head, "Death, loss, pain." She drank again.

"Oh, sorry to hear that." He guessed wrong at first, sounds like she lost someone close. "If you are interested I can be a good listener, sometimes cook," he twisted his expression a bit. "Mostly when not here my nose it to a book."

She decided to leave the area, but she turned to Calder, "I'll head out and speak later. Now is not the time to get close." She grabbed her whiskey, "We'll speak again and thank you for opening my bottle." With that, she headed out the door

‚Äč=End Transmission=


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