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Mira and Calder - "Getting Acquaintance"

Posted on Fri Sep 25th, 2020 @ 12:21pm by Sergeant Major John Calder
Edited on on Sat Sep 26th, 2020 @ 1:46am

Mission: Where are we?
Location: Messhall

Mira and Calder were having a meal in the mess hall together, when she decided to strike up a conversation with him. She was so smitten, but she kept that quiet so far.

Mira looked to Jarred Calder, "Has the boys asked you to join any card games or anything?' She inquired, wondering if guys do have guy time.

"Well," he started, clearing his throat. "I've got a lot of reading to catch up on, so if they are playing they have not told me. I mean I can play a game or two." He flexed his chin up. "It's just not come up. So, any time with the other women here? Are there many?"

She shook her head, "There's a few, but they keep to themselves apparently."

Calder laughed as the though of their situation. "We might be out in this part of space for a while." His expression soured a bit. "Maybe the rest of our lives, so we can't keep isolated forever." Suddenly the years he had on many of the crew of the Ares weighed upon him.

She gave a nod, "That is true and the Captain can't hope to not have serious relationships or babies..." She chuckled, "That's like impossible to truly prevent."

This caused Calder to choke mid-drink. He bent forward to compose himself and waved his hand to say he was alright. "As if, ugh, we have the space for that," he added, his face a little red (from the choking). "We have to consider all class M worlds a final stop for us."

She sighed a few moments, "True. We are small as is. We can't afford to loose people." She pondered a moment, "Do you think we'll ever get home?" She took a bit of a grilled cheese sandwich.

"On our own power...I just don't think so. The operational span for our ship is shorter than the time it takes to get home at our highest warp." He looked out the windows. "What does that say?" He peered back at her. "So, what will you do if this turns out a long voyage?"

She looked at him, 'One thing... Get to know you more... Another?" She smiled, "Make the best of what we have and hope we come out alive."

"What? Me? Why? I'm just an old MACO. I don't even know what you do on the ship." He stopped drinking, wondering if some spirits landed in his brew.

She giggled, "I help keep things operational. You could say that I am a scientific style engineer. I just don't mess with the engines etc."

"I think I know less now than before I asked. Hmm, I guess I keep you able to keep the ship running. This was to be my last hurrah before my time out." He let out an uneasy laugh. "Were there no younger men on board?"

She chuckled, "I don't go for kids."

"Ah, well, hmm. We could each read a book in silence with only the hum of the deck plates at our ears." His thoughts turned bolder. "How about a walk in the park...or the beach?"

"Or..." She smiled thoughtfully, "A pretend picnic in the cargo bay?"

"Or go EVA on the hull of the ship, wait, really? We will be down to rations soon if not already. You mean imaginary food too?"

She giggled, "Just relax against each other. We could probably play some old film as well. Though, I am not sure if that is in the database."

He looked at her intently. "There's a catalog of many forms of entertainment, but you'd like just that...relaxing? I have been at ill-ease around the ship. I walk it all day, but it's far from relaxing. Guess you did not leave anyone behind on Earth?"

She shook her head, "Unless you count a harassing ex as anyone related. I didn't leave anyone special behind."

"Oh, touchy subject. You want me to rough him up a bit?" He gestured towards the window. He'd not really do it though, even if they were back in sector 001.

She shook her head, "When I left, he couldn't bare it." She sighed a little, "He wanted to control and keep me to himself." She drank a glass of tea, "That was not to happen and I disappeared into Starfleet." She looked to him, "Did you leave anyone behind?"

"No, not for a long time now. Has it been a decade?" He contemplated up in the air. "Time sure gets away from you." Calder frowned. "If you count my parents. Gods, I forgot about that." He buried his fingers into his eyes in an attempt to hide his realization.

She nodded, "I do miss my parents. Just they accepted this and knew that I had to spread my wings. They felt that it was safer and they were after all the ones that told me of the ex ending his own life... Well, after I was gone and not coming back."

"Bury the lead? He's dead? That's gotta hurt." Calder thought a bit. "We should relax sooner rather than later. What shift do you work? I'm first shift."

She gave a nod, "I work first shift. Especially, with things that's happened with Karlie and all."

How much was there to this woman? "Karlie? You'll have to let me know, for security reasons, over that movie you promised. Tomorrow night. Meet me at C Deck, cabin 12."

She nodded making that their next date and said her good bye heading to her quarters for sleep.

Master Chief Petty Officer Jarred Calder
Uss Ares

Ensign Mira Strauss
Science Officer
Uss Ares


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