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One door closes, another opens

Posted on Wed Nov 11th, 2020 @ 2:04am by Ensign Keera Rey & Sergeant Major John Calder
Edited on on Wed Nov 11th, 2020 @ 2:04am

Mission: Where are we?
Location: Armory / quarters

Keera entered the room where Calder was.

The Armory of the Ares always seemed empty, but it was just a place you did not spend a lot of time in. Get you weapon, get out. Put your weapon back. It's how Calder liked it. A place he could relax in, bring order to a disorderly...ship. He had been surprised she actually stopped her drinking. Perhaps it was wallowing in her self doubt. Whatever the case, it was good to see her.

She handed him her bottle, "As promised."

"A promise bottle? I'll put it on my finger." He took it. "Here's what I think: you were going to run out anyway, so not loss." He chuckled. "No, it's good that you can leave this behind. This may be a first time for me seeing you this way and off duty." He paused. "You are off duty right?" "Sit and talk to me Keera." He pulled a chair out so she could sit.

She crossed her arms, "Done yet?"

"Sure, I'm done."

She smiled and walked over to him, "Consider it a closure in a chapter of my life. Time to move forward to something new." She tapped at the bottle, "I am off my shift and it's something for you to enjoy." She looked back to him, "I can't change my past nor live in it. How do you move forward?"

He studied the bottle and the liquid within. "Grand changes.. Sometimes a new scene, but I think we are stuck on this ship for a while. Oh, and new friends. I want to say thanks."

She nodded, "you're welcome." She sat down in the seat near him, "I would like to offer something else. Friendship, maybe more?"

He grinned. "I could use a friend, and if the booze was any indication you could too. You are kind when many are indifferent." The armory was kept a bit cool for various reasons, but it was getting on his nerves just now. He put up a finger to let her know to stay. Calder went over to the far side to get something out of a box. He found a blanket. "I'm cold. I don't know about you. Uh, care to share and just sit?" It was one of those dull dark grey affairs. Warm, but nothing to look at.

She cuddled up next to him, "One would think that's deliberately done. It should not be cold."

"If you doubt me you can check the logs," he quipped as he wrapped the blanket around the both of them. He rested his head on top of hers. "This is nice. If we are quiet enough we can hear the engines." How nice the embrace surprised him, and she appeared to not be releasing him. This was one moment Calder wanted to savor for as long as he could.

She breathed in his smell, it was alluring and attractive. She laid her head against his shoulder. "I don't know if I could visit Earth."

He looked down at her. "Really, what bad have you heard?" The heat between them warmed up quickly, a heavy contrast to the cold air of the armory room where they sat.

She giggled a little. Then she had gotten serious, "Because of my past there..." She sighed a bit on him, feeling comfortable.

"I'd not take you to anywhere remotely like you left." He thought a minute. "Someplace quiet, remote." He pulled her in tighter, or as tight at the two chairs would allow.

Keera looked up at him, " I... I don't know." She loved remote areas, but she was... She wasn't sure anymore. She sighed again laying her head against him, "This might be interesting."

"Just like this? This all the time would be enticing. It would be with a who and not a where." Calder started to drift into the warmth of their prolonged embrace. He felt her heart beat against his own. Calder wrapped his arm further around her waist, but he had to be careful to not cause them to tumble to the floor. Or maybe that's just what he should do. The chairs were not made for this, but the floor could be. It was, however, even colder than the air.

She looked at him, "Would you like to just spend time with me in my quarters?"

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Calder thought it wise to keep what may transpire in her quarters away from prying eyes. He kept their conversation professional as they made their way to her place. Like many starships, the Ares had living quarters which from the outside looked exactly alike. She led the way and it almost was like a puppy following its owner for a bone. Well, in this case maybe not too far off.

"Were you fortunate enough to get your own quarters? I had to settle for something rather small. It's fine," Calder said as they arrived at her quarters.

She surprised him with a kiss, "You can stay here."

"Won't people talk? This is a small ship."

She giggled, "Ooh, they might notice. Would you care?"

He smiled. "Not really, but you know how command could be. They might separate us." Her lips proved soft as, well...soft as they should be with a hint of honey. Not a few days ago they were speaking behind a spirited mask of whiskey. "Only one bed I assume? Hmm, this is lot much larger than my place." He sat down on a chair. "It would save power...and any heat generated would do the same."

She nodded, "We can make an extra bed in here. If you don't feel comfortable in sharing."

"I'd not want to miss the warmth." He grinned at her for a moment. "You'd have me here all of the time, keeping you in line?"

She nodded, "Yes and to keep me safe?"

"Well, as much as I can, but you seem a woman that gets herself in trouble, unless you have dropped that like the alcohol."

She chuckled, "You might need to keep a watch then."

Calder went over to the bed to see if it met his standards. "Nuts, the same as mine. Maybe I can stack mine on yours."

She smiled. "Maybe."

"Or we'd be comfortable just being next to each other." Calder smiled. "I know I would be distracted."

She giggled a little, "I might be slightly distracted If you did things, but we have to keep all this private." She handed him a blanket. "Just between us."

"Oh, we're you adding a third person or something?" Calder smirked.

She shook her head, "Nope."

"Good, cause the bed is small." He took the blanket and went over to to the bed.

She giggled, turning the chair into a lounge chair as she usually did. She grabbed a book, another blanket and a pillow. She settled into the lounge chair, turning on the little light to read by.

" Now just what are you reading?"

She smiled at him, "Sherlock Holmes."

He smiled. " Thought it would be erotic."

She closed the book on her hand for a second, "You can go back to sleep."

" There's always my dreams... "

She giggled, "And the future."


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