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Visiting Family.

Posted on Sat Jun 4th, 2022 @ 7:14am by Lieutenant Karlie Edwards & Captain Matthew Edwards

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Mission: Where are we?
Location: Earth (date, erm... I dunno?)
Timeline: I believe this is when the crew is returned, so don't quote me on exacts here.

Karlie didn't have family to go to, but she had sites where they were buried to visit. After her own ventures, she met up with Matthew to meet his mom. She was at the time four months pregnant. They had yet to have a wedding as she was hoping for family to be able to come.
She glanced to him with a smile as she awaited for her response.

Matt looked at Karlie and smiled back and rubbed her belly. He then gives her a gentle hug as they wait for his mom to greet them.

Karlie planted a kiss on his lips, as she laid her head on his shoulder and her hand intertwined with his.

He kissed her back and held her hand with one and held her head with the other.

Matt’s mother opened the door and smiled seeing the two. “There’s my two favorite people.” She laughed softly and went to hug her future daughter-in-law. Hopefully.

She hugged her in return after letting go of his hand "It's good to see you." She decided to let Matt ask his mom to the wedding. She didn't feel right doing so.

Matt smiled and looked at his mother and smiled. “Mom. Karlie and I are gonna get married soon before we go back to duty. Wanna come?”

His mother smiled and hugged her son. “Of course. I can’t miss my son’s wedding for the world. Also, you didn’t have to invite me.” She giggles and hugs Karlie as well.

She smiled "I wanted to make sure you knew that you are welcomed."
She hugged her as well

“Of course sweetie.” Samantha replied and held Karlie. “Please come in. I have my chef making dinner for us.”

”Thanks Mom.” He nods to Karlie and walks alongside his mother.

Karlie walks behind them, as she took in the beautiful view, before going inside.

Samantha looked seeing Karlie and held her arm out. “Come sweetie.”

Karlie blushed a little, "I was just admiring the view for a moment." She took her hand and went on inside.

Matt smiled as he stood with his mother as they looked over at the balcony of the beach house. “Take on this view Karlie.”

Samantha smiled and held Karlie’s hand as they watched the waves crashing on the beach.

Karlie smiled looking at the view, "It's beautiful from here." She looked to them both, "May we eat now?" He stomach started to grumble.

Matt smiled and held Karlie.

Samantha smiled at the two and takes Karlie’s hand and leads her to the dining room.

She smiled as she walked with them to the Dinning room.

Samantha pulled a chair for Karlie and Matthew to sit together. “Here you two go.”

Matthew pulled a chair for his mom and helps her sit. “Here you go Mom.” She pushes her in and gave her a hug. She then helps Karlie in her chair.

Karlie blushed, "Thank you."

She kissed Karlie on her cheek and sat next to her.

Karlie smiled at them two after she sat down.

Samantha smiled at Karlie and pats her shoulder. “So happy you’re part of the family.” She spoke softly to her and rest her head on her shoulder.

She nodded, "Agree."

Matt smiled seeing how his mom and Karlie were getting along so well.
She smiled at Matthew, wondering if he had told his mom about being Captain now.

”Mom, got some exciting news to share with you that I think you’re gonna love.”

Sam looked over at her son and smiled. “What’s that?”

She kept trying to hide her excitement, she couldn't wait for his mom's reaction, when he does tell her.

He watched as dinner was being served to them. “I got promoted to Captain. I got my own ship.” He said and looked at his mom.

She understood why she wasn't XO and she didn't blame that. She didn't feel suited either.

Sam smiled and kissed her son’s cheek. “Congrats sweetie.” She looks at Karlie and smiled. “And let me guess? You’re his First Officer?”

She shook her head, "No, I'm still the Chief Science Officer."

“Awww. At least you both are still together and not separated on different ships.”

He nods in agreement with his mom. “True.”

She nodded, "And neither would be at a big risk."

”Exactly. Plus, she’ll have more time being with our baby. She will also have replacement members when needed.”

Samantha smiled and nods. “I’m glad.”

She gave a nod. "It wouldn't have worked out so well, otherwise."

”Yeah.” said Matthew

Sam nods. “No it wouldn’t.”

She smiled again as she began to get a bite to eat.

“Hope you both enjoy.” Sam said to the two of them.

”Thank you Mom. My favorite. Chicken Parmesan.”

Waters drank her drink after she ate a bite.

He ate more and sipped on his beverage.

Sam looked at Karlie and smiled. “How is it sweetie?”

"Very good. I think the little one likes it too." Karlie replied.

Sam smiled and pats Karlie’s belly. “Happy to hear it. I did made sure I made enough for you. You are feeding for two after all.”

That made Karlie blush a little with a smile, "Of course." She ate another bite of food.

He giggled and ate more.

Sam smiled and ate her dinner.

She looked to Sam, "I hope you can attend our wedding, if we have one. However, I understand, if you wouldn't be able to."

Sam looked at Karlie and smiled resting her head on her shoulder. “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

She smiled, holding on to Matthew's free hand and relaxing sipping through a straw on her drink as her soon to be mother in law rested on her shoulder.

He smiled and held Karlie’s hand and kissed her cheek.

Karlie smiled and mouthed love you to Matthew. She had just finished the food and drink. She waited on the others, for she's full and she doesn't have that big of a stomach, due to the youngin.

He finished his meal and sighed happily. “Thank you Mom. That was delicious.”

She nodded, "It was indeed delicious, Mrs. Edwards."

Sam smiled and looked at the two. “I’m glad you both enjoyed it.” A server came and cleaned up for the two of them. Sam slowly stood up holding Karlie’s hand.

Karlie had gotten up to follow Matthew's mom.

He goes and walks with his mother and smiled.

Sam held both their hands and walked them to the living room and sits on the couch.

Karlie sat on the other side of Matthew and had him be in the middle. She laid her head on his shoulder, after she laid back some on the couch.

Matt smiled and held Karlie close as she rested on his shoulder.



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