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USS Ares LIVE SIM 04-01-2021[Risky Decisions]

Posted on Fri Apr 30th, 2021 @ 11:52pm by Ensign Alexi Michelle & Commodore Devon Cummings & Captain Matthew Edwards & Lieutenant Karlie Edwards & Sergeant Major John Calder & Sivain & Ensign Seamus MacDoughall & Ensign Zhur Gaavr

2,839 words; about a 14 minute read

Mission: Where are we?
Location: Ship Graveyard

Capt_DevonCummings : Attention on deck!

Ens Alexi Michelle: ::AA::

Ensign Chloe Waters: ((Sorry. The server disappeared for some reason. Had to get here manually.))

IIII CaptainDevonCummings: ((Sorry to hear that.))

Ens Alexi Michelle: well that sort of sux

Matthew Edwards: ::looks around:: Hmmm.

Ens Alexi Michelle: goes back to ::AA::

Capt_DevonCummings: We got time to wait for the others. Kalie might be late or not here tonight.

Ens Gaavr: Hi

Capt_DevonCummings: Hey Gaavr

Matthew Edwards: Short handed tonight

Capt_DevonCummings: So far.

❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: @@ x2

Capt_DevonCummings : So looks like no Kalie, but is everyone else okay to proceed?

Matthew Edwards : I am

Ensign Chloe Waters: I'm good.

Ens Alexi Michelle:: Yes please, this corridor seems to be getting smaller.... I think

Capt_DevonCummings:: And I guess Seamus and Sivain are ready to go.

LCARS: Begin Sim

Capt_DevonCummings: Gaavr and Chloe can jump in when they want.

Ens Alexi Michelle: ::continues to try to get back to the LZ as the ship violently knocks her around:: Ow!! Mother fuss bucket!!

Capt_DevonCummings : Action: The alien ship is starting to break up. The boarding party is ready to transport, but Michelle is no where to be seen.

Matthew Edwards: ::he heads down the corridor where Alexi is supposed to be:: Alexi!

❙❙ Karlie Waters: :: follows along ::

Capt_DevonCummings: Captain to Edwards, report!

Ens Alexi Michelle: ::is knocked off her feet and turned around somehow, Edwards voice in her ear calling her name spurns her on, but is it the right way::

Ensign Chloe Waters: ::at helm::

❙❙ Karlie Waters: @ ::She kept her scans going::: She's ahead of us

Capt_DevonCummings: +T+ Transporter room....start beaming out the boarding party.

Ens Alexi Michelle: + Commander get to the LZ, If I'm not there go without me. +

Matthew Edwards: +::looks for her and sees her:: Not without you Ensign.

Capt_DevonCummings: Action: Part of the boarding party is beamed back to the Ares.

Matthew Edwards: +::goes over and grabs her and starts carrying her back::

❙❙ Karlie Waters: @ ::she scans her for any injuries::

❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: @Sivain>;; goes back to find Alexi to get her back to the Ares;;

Capt_DevonCummings: +T+ Captain, I got all but 4, sir...and Commander Edwards is one of the 4.

Ens Alexi Michelle: ::getting harder to see as something seems to be dripping into her eyes:: +What the... Put me down Sir! I can walk!+

Capt_DevonCummings: Action: The alien ship starts to violently shake.

❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: @Seamus>;; gets back to the Ares to see if he can run the other, emergency transporter to get everyone back aboard;;

Matthew Edwards: +Then let's go!

Capt_DevonCummings: Action: Parts of the alien ship starts venting into space.
+Edwards+ It's now or never, commander!

Ens Gaavr: :: Where he is ::

❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Seamus> starts scanning the other ship for the location of the others to see if he could pluck them off the ship like if he were plucking a chicken's feathers;;

Ens Alexi Michelle: ::gets jostled around and bangs her head a few more times and makes sure to hold onto the Commander to make sure she's going the right way::

❙❙ Karlie Waters: @ ::she looked at her scans:: more of the ship is falling apart

Matthew Edwards: +::makes his way to the beam in point:: +Ares+ Edwards to Ares!

❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: @Sivain>;;meets up with the others at the beam-in point;;

Capt_DevonCummings: +Edwards+ Time is running out commander.

+TR+ Transporter room.....energize!!!

❙❙ Karlie Waters: @ ::grabs the padds on the floor::

Ens Alexi Michelle: ::panting hard and forced to keep her eyes closed because something is running into them::

Matthew Edwards: +Ares+ We're ready!

❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Seamus> uses the emergency transporter to beam Edwards and the others back to the Ares;;

Capt_DevonCummings: ::Breaths a sigh of relief.::

Ens Alexi Michelle: ::Everything stops shaking:: Are we back home?

Capt_DevonCummings: +T+Captain to Edwards. I want the boarding party to report to sickbay.

Ensign Chloe Waters: ::standing by to move the Ares away::

Capt_DevonCummings: Action: The alien ship breaks up.

❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Sivain>;;begins treating Alexi's gashed head as they come on board;;

Capt_DevonCummings: Helm...move us off.

Ens Alexi Michelle: ::captain won’t get an argument from her this time... her head really hurts::

❙❙ Karlie Waters: :: hands the scans to another to take to the Captain::

Ensign Chloe Waters: Aye, sir. ::engages impulse::

Capt_DevonCummings: ::Goes back to reviewing the retrieved data.::

Matthew Edwards: Aye sir. Let's go everyone. ::heads to the decon chamber:: Let's go to decon first. Just in case.

❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Sivain> ;;uses the Vulcan techniques to help her body repair itself;;

Ens Alexi Michelle: Umm.. Commander, would you mind letting me hold your shoulder.. something is dripping in my eyes.

❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: ( Sivain is already taking care of that Alexi)

Matthew Edwards: Of course Alexi.

Alexi Michelle: (Umm No he isn't thanks)

Capt_DevonCummings: (hmmm....would we still be using the decon chamber???)

❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: (probably)

Ensign Chloe Waters: ((Yeah I'd say so.))

Capt_DevonCummings: (Probably would have been pulled by the engineers with the next upgrade.)
+T+ Captain to Commander Edwards.

Matthew Edwards: +Bridge+ Go ahead Captain

❙❙ Karlie Waters: ::sits in decon::

Capt_DevonCummings: +Edwards+ When your all down with the decom, I want everyone to report to the bridge.

Ens Alexi Michelle: Did you get those remains back for analysis, and the data records?

Matthew Edwards: +Bridge+ Understood sir. ::nods and sits back down::

❙❙ Karlie Waters: Yes we did

Capt_DevonCummings: ::Sits at the science station.::

Ensign Chloe Waters: (( ::eyes the big chair:: ))

Capt_DevonCummings: ::Calls up the last scans of the light.::
(And that's all you can do, ensign)

Ens Alexi Michelle: ::Gets to decon with everyone else and is frustrated by the EVA suit:: Why can't they make these things a little easier to get off!!!

❙❙ Karlie Waters: (note to sanitize the science station. Heh jk)

Capt_DevonCummings: ::Calls up the computers analysis of the alien ships hull.::
(Karlie, I have someone follow me around to sanitize after me.)
::Walks back to THE chair.::
Mr Gaavr.

Ens Gaavr: :: Feeling and ::

Alexi Michelle: (>Janitor< ::follows cummings with a clorox wipe and cleans all the 'touch points')

Ens Gaavr: Yes?

❙❙ Karlie Waters: ( I wish I had two in school instead of one...)

Capt_DevonCummings: First, are you alright? You look tired.

Matthew Edwards: Maybe one day Alexi. Hopefully they will. ::putts his EVA suit to the cleaners::

Capt_DevonCummings: Second, what is your option of what happened here, Mr Gaavr?

Ens Alexi Michelle: having a lot of sticky stuff in my eyes isn't helping either ::huffs::

Capt_DevonCummings: (Use the face washing station, Alexi...that's what it's there for.)

Alexi Michelle: (:P had to get the suit off first)

Capt_DevonCummings: Mr Gaavr? Did you hear me?

Ens Gaavr: I... I don't know sir.

Capt_DevonCummings: But you're okay?

Ens Gaavr: I, uhm... what were we doing sir?

Capt_DevonCummings: We are trying to find a way home. These ships came from somewhere.

❙❙ Karlie Waters: ::She nodded to Alexi:: Use the face station after decon.

Matthew Edwards: Once we finish here, we can head back to the Bridge and hopefully, that wormhole will bring us closer to home. Then... you and I can tell Starfleet on making more comfortable and easily on/off EVA suits.

Capt_DevonCummings: Can we use the data collected to make a decision?

Sgt Major Calder: :: Goes to where Alexi is :: Michelle? Are you alright?

Ens Alexi Michelle: ::Finally free of the torture device from the middle ages and sets it to be thoroughly cleaned, feels her way to the face washing station:: I think so, Just a little bump on the head.. or several

Ens Gaavr: I will have to look at the data. I can explore their navigation logs or other to gauge where they came from.

Sgt Major Calder: Do you wish me to take a look?

Capt_DevonCummings: Then please do that, Mr Gaavr., please do that.

Ens Alexi Michelle: I don't want to be any bother, but, I would appreciate it

Ens Gaavr: :: Finds the data on the server ::

❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Seamus>;; after decontam, gets busy studying the schematics and power output theorems he got from the other ship;;

Capt_DevonCummings: ::Starring at the viewscreen.::

Sgt Major Calder: It's no bother. :: he waits for her to finish the face washing station. He looked away in case she was lacking in attire ::

Capt_DevonCummings: Action: 10 minutes later, the crew is released from decon.

Ens Alexi Michelle: ::finishes washing the blood from her face and chuckles slightly:: I bet it's a tiny cut. Head wounds bleed so much you'd think people were about to die

Ens Gaavr: :: Gaavr has some insights into the ships, but they are not on record in Starfleet databases ::

❙❙ Karlie Waters: :: Dresses then makes her way to the bridge::

Capt_DevonCummings: +T+ All senior officers report to the bridge.

Alexi Michelle: (She's in her skivies so everything is covered)

Sgt Major Calder: ((Aww...good))

Capt_DevonCummings: ::Gets up, walks to the viewscreen, and stares at it.::

Sgt Major Calder: Let me look at your injury.

❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Sivain and Seamus>;; head to the bridge;;

Ens Alexi Michelle: ::sits and lets her treat her injuriy::

Ens Gaavr: Well...hmm. The ships appeared to arrive from different locations and nothing particularly close.

❙❙ Karlie Waters: ::arrives on the bridge::

Capt_DevonCummings: ::Turns and looks at the people when they return to the bridge.::

Sgt Major Calder: Hmm.

❙❙ Karlie Waters: :: walks over to the science station::

Sgt Major Calder: :: He studied her injury, but... no no ::

Matthew Edwards: ::walks on the Bridge::

Sgt Major Calder: Do you want a scar to be permanent?

Ens Gaavr: Wonder how old that ship was, or why it was in the condition it was in.

Ens Alexi Michelle: Scar? Come on, it wasn't that bad... was it?

Capt_DevonCummings: We have a decision to make, or I have a decision to make and you have to help me decide.

Sgt Major Calder: I can apply a dermal gel. :: he smiled :: Well, there is a classic novel series where you could say you are related to a Mr. Potter.

Capt_DevonCummings: We are far from home. So far that many or all of us will be dead. Chances are we may never see Earth again.

Matthew Edwards: Right...

Ens Gaavr: It's not between meat loaf or Salisbury steak is it?

Ens Alexi Michelle: Captain wanted us on the bridge, We better hurry so just put a bandage on it for now. ::grabs her pants and starts pulling them on::

Capt_DevonCummings: The only way that we can get home faster, is by finding short cuts. And I think that, ::points to where the bright light was,:: might just be the short cut we are looking for.

Sgt Major Calder: :: closes his eyes and winces :: Sorry and you are right

Capt_DevonCummings: We could go on searching...maybe find an M Class planet to settle on.

Ens Gaavr: We need to get some kind of indication to the endpoint of this anomaly?

❙❙ Karlie Waters: ::She sighed, keeping quiet::

Capt_DevonCummings: ::Looks at Gaavr.:: Can we call it a hunch, Mr Gaavr?

Sgt Major Calder: :: Applies the gel and puts a bandage over it :: Let's go.

Ens Gaavr: You can call it empirical data Captain.

Ens Alexi Michelle: ::Stands up.. a tiny bit unsteady, but pulls on her tunic and hurries out with Calder to the bridge::

Ensign Chloe Waters: A shortcut that leads in the wrong direction is not an acceptable shortcut. We are familiar with our location presently. We may become lost again if we travel through an uncharted wormhole.

Capt_DevonCummings: I propose to take the ship into that wormhole or black hole or whatever it is, and I hope we come out the other side, closer to home.

Ens Alexi Michelle: ::arrives to the meeting a bit late and tries to catch on to what was being discussed::

Sgt Major Calder: You stumbled there. Want an arm to hold onto? :: goes out the door ::

❙❙ Karlie Waters: :: she sighed again:: Aren't we explorers?

Capt_DevonCummings: ::Looks at Chloe.:: How can we determine where they could lead us, ensign?

Ensign Chloe Waters: There is little practicality in exploring if there is no one who is able to analyze the data for future use back home.

Ens Gaavr: Look at it this way captain. We are far from home and the chances of getting there are slim. Take the wormhole and we are closer to home, it was the right choice.

Ens Alexi Michelle: ::starts to raise an eyebrow but stops when it hurts:: wouldn't hurt. ::looks to Cummings:: Just because we don’t see the way , that does not mean it does not exist

❙❙ Karlie Waters: I'd say do the wormhole...

Matthew Edwards: Karlie, didn't you find star maps on the Bridge? That should give us a bit of insight on where the ship was before coming out the wormhole.

Capt_DevonCummings: Or it could be the wrong choice, Mr Gaavr.

Ens Gaavr” Take it and we are further away, are chances drop even further, but the outcome is the same

❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Seamus> sae haw aiboot mairkin ait doon an tha stairchairts fer Stairflait tae chaik oot laitir an

❙❙ Karlie Waters: Yes, and I sent it up here by an ensign, before the decon

Ensign Chloe Waters: A neutreno flow analysis may provide an indication as to the wormhole's endpoint.

Ens Gaavr: We know very little about the path before us.

Capt_DevonCummings: I checked those maps, commander. And I think that the alien ship came from outside our galaxy. But closer to home then where we are now.

Matthew Edwards: In that case, let's take it.

❙❙ Karlie Waters: ::She looked puzzled::

Ens Alexi Michelle: And do we know when those were last recorded?

Capt_DevonCummings: So, unless anyone has an objection....::Looks around.::

Ens Gaavr: You know what would be funny? We end up at the schwarzschild radius... wait, that would not be funny when I said it out loud.

Ens Alexi Michelle: ::ponders a moment but shakes her head:: I see no other logical options before us at this time, Sir

❙❙ Karlie Waters: ::she looks over the scans that she noticed on her console::

Capt_DevonCummings: Engineering...I want emergency power to the shields.

Ens Gaavr: Outside our galaxy?

Sgt Major Calder: :: Stays with Michelle ::

Capt_DevonCummings: ::To Gaavr.:: A neighboring system.

Ensign Chloe Waters: ::blinks, huffs quietly::

Ens Alexi Michelle: What is it Chloe?

❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Seamus> Ye'll hae ait sair

Capt_DevonCummings: Helm, plot a course, straight into the wormhole, half impulse.

Matthew Edwards: Here we go.

Capt_DevonCummings: ::Moves to his chair.::

Ensign Chloe Waters: I do not believe this is... ::shrugs:: Course plotted, sir.

Capt_DevonCummings: Engage.
+T+ All hands, brace for impact.

Ensign Chloe Waters: ::taps her console::

Capt_DevonCummings: Action: The Ares starts moving towards the wormhole. It gets closer and closer, until opens and the Ares disappears.

❙❙ Karlie Waters: :: starts new scans with wormhole location, etc.::

Capt_DevonCummings: Pause sim.

Matthew Edwards: ::takes a seat and holds on::

Ens Alexi Michelle: ::AA::

Matthew Edwards: ::paused::

❙❙ Karlie Waters: ::paused::

Ens Gaavr: :: paused ::

Capt_DevonCummings: Oh my oh my. Do we survive the trip inside the wormhole? If we do, where do we end up?

❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Seamus>;; heads down for ME to get emergency power ready for when needed;; Paused;;

Ensign Chloe Waters: ::pause::

Capt_DevonCummings: All these and other questions will be answered next week......hopefully.

Alexi Michelle: (at the back end of the galaxy?)

Ens Gaavr: We are all dead and your Thursdays have one more hour to contemplate existence.

Capt_DevonCummings: (Or at the spot of the big bang maybe.)

Ens Gaavr: I thought you said butt end

Capt_DevonCummings: LOL Gaavr.

Alexi Michelle: I was being polite!

Capt_DevonCummings: Questions?

Ens Gaavr: The TV show? We get to live in the same apartment?

Capt_DevonCummings: That's my spot!

❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Gaavr, that's the problem when you start thinking again

Ens Gaavr: He can only brush is tusks so much

Capt_DevonCummings: we either end up closer to home, home, or at the other end of the galaxy.

Ensign Chloe Waters: None here.

Capt_DevonCummings: As usual, good job all.

Matthew Edwards: Here's hoping we get home

Ens Gaavr: Could try the Improbabiliy Drive?

Capt_DevonCummings: Commander, say your peace and dismiss the crew.

Matthew Edwards: Good job tonight everyone. Here's hoping we will return home soon. I say we all deserve a well deserved R&R

Capt_DevonCummings: Hear hear.

❙❙ Karlie Waters: Yep

Matthew Edwards: Have a good week. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay positive.

LCARS: Dismissed

Alexi Michelle: And now I can go collapse into my bed!! Night my fellow travellers into the unknown!!

IIII CaptainDevonCummings: Night all. Have a good Easter.

Alexi Michelle: Happy Easter to all who celebrate it!


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