USS Ares

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The Station (Live Sim 1-20-2021)

Posted on Fri Feb 19th, 2021 @ 3:42am by Ensign Alexi Michelle & Commodore Devon Cummings & Captain Matthew Edwards & Lieutenant Karlie Edwards & Sergeant Major John Calder & Sivain & Ensign Seamus MacDoughall & Ensign Zhur Gaavr

Mission: Where are we?
Location: Lost in Space

USS Ares Live Sim 1/20/2021

Capt_DevonCummings Attention on deck!

Matthew Edwards ::AA::

Ens Alexi Michelle ::AA::

❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain AA

Ensign Chloe Waters ::sleepy aa::

Capt_DevonCummings Evening everyone. Any questions about the brief?

Alexi Michelle none here sir

Matthew Edwards No questions. Though I might be a bit slow.

Ens Gaavr aa

Ensign Chloe Waters Huh. Not sure what happened there. No questions though.

Capt_DevonCummings Looks like it's working.

Sgt Major Calder aa

Capt_DevonCummings We are en route to the coordinates given us by the Kuralin, at warp 3.
[10:06 PM]
Places...and begin sim.

Ens Alexi Michelle ::standing by at the tactical station, shields and weapons on standby ::

Capt_DevonCummings ::On the bridge.::

Ens Gaavr :: Listening ::

Matthew Edwards ::on the Bridge::

Capt_DevonCummings Action: No contact on sensors, or anything on comms.

Ens Alexi Michelle ::keeps an eye on LRS for any incoming threats::

Ensign Chloe Waters ::on the bridge, dealing with being too short for her console and stretching extremely awkwardly to compensate::

Capt_DevonCummings ::Note: Give Ensign Waters a stepstool.::

Ensign Chloe Waters ::huffs quietly in annoyance::

Capt_DevonCummings ::Looks at the viewscreen.:: Helm. ETA to coordinates?

Ens Gaavr All quiet.

Ens Alexi Michelle Captain, Sensors show no activity in the area at the moment.

Ensign Chloe Waters ::checks console, nearly falls from her chair::

Capt_DevonCummings Thank you, ensign.

Ens Alexi Michelle ::glances over at Chloe:: Are you alright?

Ensign Chloe Waters Six hours, thirty three minutes and twelve point zero three seconds.

Matthew Edwards ::sends a note to Engineering to work on the Helm seat for Chloe when chance is available::

Capt_DevonCummings Helm, increase to warp 4.

Ensign Chloe Waters ::huffs quietly at Alexi:: It is nothing I am not accustomed to. ::beat:: Though that does not negate the pain. ::nods and increases speed::

Ens Alexi Michelle You should not have to be accustomed to falling from your seat. ::shakes head sadly::

Matthew Edwards Ok. ::walks to the Captain:: Captain, permission to have a team work with me on the Helm chair? ::nods to him::

Capt_DevonCummings Granted.

❙❙ Karlie Waters ::is in sick bay helping Sivain::

Ens Alexi Michelle might be easier if you just stand on the seat

❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain Seamus-- had noticed the chair height problem for Chloe and fixed up a two-step box for her to use to get to her seat easier as well as a better padded cushion for the chair

Ensign Chloe Waters Mandy> ::somehow not in Chloe's quarters where she's supposed to be, scratches on the sickbay door lost::

Matthew Edwards Thank you. ::pages a small engineering team to the Bridge::

❙❙ Karlie Waters :: heard sounds and she goes to check on it::

Ens Alexi Michelle ::turns back to monitor the LRS::

❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain Sivain-- opens the door for Mandy and lets her into his office

Ens Alexi Michelle ::switches to Short range for a few moments as well::

Ensign Chloe Waters Mandy> ::wanders in, sniffs around confused::

Matthew Edwards ::walks over to helm:: Ensign. Of you like, you can take some time away. I'll watch over Helm for you

❙❙ Karlie Waters ::pets on the dog::

Ensign Chloe Waters ::nods and cracks neck, winces::

Sgt Major Calder :: Working in the armory ::

Ensign Chloe Waters I believe that may be a good idea at this juncture.

Matthew Edwards I think so too. We'll call you up when we are close to our destination.

Ensign Chloe Waters Mandy> ::sniffs Karlie::

❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain Sivain-- goes over and gets a bowl of dog food and a bowl of water for Mandy as well as several chew toys

Ensign Chloe Waters ::nods and wanders off, intent on resting in her quarters for a while::

Matthew Edwards ::works with the team on the chair::

Ensign Chloe Waters Mandy> ::ignores the chew toys in favour of the food... and batting Sivain's boot with her paw::

Ens Alexi Michelle ::doesn't comment at the moment because there is still nothing on the sensors::

❙❙ Karlie Waters ::smiled at the dog;:

Ensign Chloe Waters ::gets to her quarters, notices Mandy is gone::

Capt_DevonCummings Action: Long range sensors detect something ahead, at the coordinates we had.

Ensign Chloe Waters ::blinks:: What... where could she be? ::searches her quarters::

❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain Sivain-- kneels down and gently scratches Mandy's ears

Ens Alexi Michelle Captain, long range scanners are detecting a signal at our destination coordinates.

Capt_DevonCummings Excellent.

Ensign Chloe Waters Mandy> ::butts Sivain's hands with her head, tail wagging slightly::

Capt_DevonCummings Put it on the screen as soon as we get a visual.

❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain Sivain-- continues scratching her ears and back

Ensign Chloe Waters ::does whatever she needs to do to report a missing pet::

Ens Alexi Michelle Aye, Sir. In Visual range in 30 seconds.

Capt_DevonCummings Action: Static comes over the comms.

Ens Gaavr :: shakes head ::

Ensign Chloe Waters Mandy> ::drops onto her back, waves paws around, having completely forgotten she's lost for the moment::

Capt_DevonCummings ::Looks at Gaavr.:: Something wrong ensign?

Ens Alexi Michelle ::puts the feed onto the main viewer just as she gets a security call for a missing k-nine::

❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain Sivain--++Chloe++ Chloe your little furry friend is here in sickbay if you don't mind I would like to discuss with you about training her as a therapy animal

Capt_DevonCummings Action: The sensors are not reading a planet....their reading a space station.

Capt_DevonCummings ::Stands:: Slow to impulse.

Ens Alexi Michelle +Waters+ Security to Ensign Waters, I understand your furry friend is missing. I'll have a team begin a sweep of the ship.

❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain Sivain-- scratches Mandy's tummy

Capt_DevonCummings Action: The ship drops to impulse.

Ens Alexi Michelle ::looks up at the viewscreeen:: There it is.

Ensign Chloe Waters +Alexi+ Much appreciated, Ensign. I am... rather unclear on how she got out.

Ensign Chloe Waters +Alexi+ Given Starfleet door mechanisms are not programmed to respond to anything other than a human presence.

Capt_DevonCummings All stop.

Ens Alexi Michelle +Waters+ She's an intelligent creature, much the same as her master

Capt_DevonCummings Action: Helm answers all stop.
Gaavr, anything on comms?

Ens Alexi Michelle :: scans the station::

Ensign Chloe Waters ::huffs in amusement::

Ens Gaavr I am having to scan bands I don't normally. I may have something.... patching through

❙❙ Karlie Waters :: sits in a chair, contemplating::

Matthew Edwards Aye. All stop. ::takes the ship out of warp::

IIII CaptainDevonCummings DC: Action: Over the comm...."Alien ship, respond or we will open fire."

Ens Gaavr Well, there's a message..

Ens Alexi Michelle ::Scans the station carefully:: Scanning the station now sir

❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain Seamus-- get the finishing touches done on the platform for Chloe for when she's at her post then starts working on the cushion

Capt_DevonCummings Ensign, open a channel.

Matthew Edwards ::tells the team to head back to Engineering:: We'll work on the chair later.

Ens Gaavr :: does so ::

Capt_DevonCummings +Station. I am Devon Cummings, captain of the Federation starship USS Ares.+

Ensign Chloe Waters Mandy> ::lifts head in Karlie's direction curiously::

Capt_DevonCummings Voice: State your business.

Alexi Michelle Sec OFFICER> ::walks into sickbay and see the offending escapee:: +Alexi+ I have located missing... personnel... in sick bay

Capt_DevonCummings The Kuralin said you might be able to help us.
Voice: The Kuralin you say.

Ens Alexi Michelle +Chloe+ Looks like your dog went for a visit to the medical crew. Mandy is in Sick Bay

❙❙ Karlie Waters ::sighed, trying to remember her past and feeling blanks::

Capt_DevonCummings That's right.

Ens Alexi Michelle ::glances over at the Captain because that last remark sounded a bit... off::

Capt_DevonCummings Voice: Nice people. I trade with them often. Too bad they have the raider problem.
Hopefully we helped them with that problem.

Ensign Chloe Waters +karlie+ Thank you, Ensign. I will retrieve her.

Ens Alexi Michelle :: scans the vessels around the station::

Matthew Edwards ::raises an eyebrow::

Ensign Chloe Waters Mandy> ::approaches Karlie and gives her the doggy comfort eye::

Capt_DevonCummings Voice: You're the ones that people are talking about....far from home, are ya?
::Looks at Edwards.:: Yes we are. They said you may be able to help.

❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain Sivain-- nod to the security officer-- Mandy's fine and I'd like to talk to Chloe about making Mandy a member of the staff as a therapy dog

Matthew Edwards ::tilts his head and looks at the screen::

Ens Alexi Michelle :: Frowns, not liking what the voice is saying.. about people talking.:: Umm, Captain...

❙❙ Karlie Waters ::pets on the doggie::

Ensign Chloe Waters ::exits her quarters::

Capt_DevonCummings Yes ensign? ::Looks at Michelle.::

Ens Alexi Michelle What people? Only the Kuralin and their attackers would have known about us.

Capt_DevonCummings We've been here for a while now.....rumors of us have probably spread.
Voice: You say your name is Cummings?

Ens Alexi Michelle ::sighs:: Perhaps. But I do not like it.

Ensign Chloe Waters ::makes her way to sickbay::

Capt_DevonCummings :Nods to her.: Yes, my name is Captain Devon Cummngs.
Voice: You should be seeing a flashing light now...that's docking port 7.

Matthew Edwards I don't blame you Ensign. But it should be ok. We have done a lot of good in our travels. So... ::shrugs:: We're gaining a bit of a popularity.

Capt_DevonCummings :looks at the viewscreen.: Yes, we see the light. Heading for it now. Plot a course please.

❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain Sivain-- gently pets Mandy

Matthew Edwards Aye sir. Course plotted. ::sets the ship on course::

Ens Alexi Michelle ::nods and turns back to her station:: May I suggest a full security team at the docking port, sir. Just in case

Capt_DevonCummings Voice: I'll meet you there, captain.

Ensign Chloe Waters Mandy> ::wags tail and rests head on Karlie's knee::

Capt_DevonCummings Suggestion approved, ensign.

❙❙ Karlie Waters :: looks to silvain:: how do you keep yourself entertained when you don't have people?

Ens Alexi Michelle :: is already keying in an order for an armed team to stand by at the Docking port:: Aye Captain, sending team now.

Capt_DevonCummings Action: The Ares arrives at the docking port and docks.
Commander, with me. You too Ensign Michelle.

Matthew Edwards Here we go.

❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain Seamus-- finishes the cushion for Chloe with a kind of a footrest to go along with the now one step platform to get to her station

Capt_DevonCummings :Heads to the TL.:

Ens Alexi Michelle Aye Sir. ::follows the Captain::

Matthew Edwards Aye. ::goes with the Captain::

Capt_DevonCummings :Enters the tl. Presses the deck 5 button.:

❙❙ Karlie Waters :: pets on the dog::

Capt_DevonCummings ::Arrives at the docking port.:: Atmosphere check.

❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain Sivain-- I either read a book, meditate or study the stars. There are many ways to entertain yourself even when alone. You just have to find the one that works best for you, some people call it daydreaming

Matthew Edwards Good to go

Ens Alexi Michelle ::remains quiet as she follows the Captain's lead::

Matthew Edwards ::stands by the airlock control::

Capt_DevonCummings ::Nods to Edwards to open the airlock.::

❙❙ Karlie Waters ::she smiled:: I often wonder about my past, because so much doesn't make sense to me... It's weird...

Matthew Edwards ::opens the airlock door::

Ens Alexi Michelle ::nods to her Security team and is given a weapon as team leader:: Standing By, Sir. ::keeps the weapon 'holstered' for now::

Capt_DevonCummings Action: The door opens. What they see is almost humanoid....and 4 foot high.
Alien: My name if Krac. Impressive ship you have captain.
Krac: ::Looks at Michelle.:: And pretty females as well.

❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain Sivain-- if you would like we can try to explore it further using memory regression and other mental techniques that I have learned in the past. I would not try to influence your thoughts other than to give direction and how to look for them otherwise I would be along just for the ride and to keep you from getting too entangled to become lost and not find your way back(edited)

Ens Alexi Michelle ::looks down at Krac, surveying him for threat assessment::

Ensign Chloe Waters Mandy> ::nuzzles Karlie::

❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain Sivain-- also pets Mandy

Capt_DevonCummings Thank you, Krac. The Kuralin said that you can travel to other parts of the galaxy. Our home is in another arm of the galaxy.

Ens Alexi Michelle ::would like to show the little creep a thing or two, but maintains her guard position ::

Capt_DevonCummings (@Alexi Michelle LOL)

Matthew Edwards ::looks at the aliens and nods to them::

Capt_DevonCummingsB Krac: The Kuralin may have over stated my abilities, captain. I don't travel to other areas, I just find ships from there.
Krac: Please, allow me to show you my station.

❙❙ Karlie Waters ::she nodded:: I would like that.

Capt_DevonCummings ::Thinks about the offer.::

❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain Sivain-- then whenever you want to we can get started

Matthew Edwards ::looks at the Captain::

Capt_DevonCummings Very well. Ensign, you're with me. Commander, the ship is yours.

Matthew Edwards Yes sir

Ens Alexi Michelle ::nods:: Aye ,Sir

Capt_DevonCummings Paused

LCARS Pause Sim

❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain Paused x2

Capt_DevonCummings Good place to end for the night.

Ens Alexi Michelle ::Paused::

Matthew Edwards ::paused::

❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards Agreed

❙❙ Karlie Waters ;: paused::

Capt_DevonCummings We'll pick up here next week. Questions?

❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain RH

Capt_DevonCummings Yes?

❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain Chloe may I put Mandy on medical staff as a therapy dog?

Alexi Michelle RH

❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards Cute. I vote for that

Capt_DevonCummings Yes you can. Michelle?

Alexi Michelle Can I shoot the little toad if it tries to make a pass at me?

Capt_DevonCummings ::Laughs.:: Think of this as first contact....killing is frown upon.

Alexi Michelle Drat!!!

❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards And we don't need a fight on our hands

Capt_DevonCummings TBS is 5 minutes.

Alexi Michelle As you wish!

Capt_DevonCummings Nothing else?

Ens Gaavr Sorry I was tired

❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards Nothing on my end

Capt_DevonCummings Not a problem Gaavr....we all get tired.
Say your peace commander and let them go,

Matthew Edwards Alrighty then.

❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain Seqmus-- you'll have a new seat cushion and footrest along with a raised platform for your station by next Sim, Chloe

Ens Gaavr Night

Matthew Edwards Good job tonight people. Next week should be exciting. Hope you all have a good week. Stay safe. Stay healthy and stay positive.

LCARS Dismissed


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