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Getting to know you - 12-09-2020(cancelled Sim JP)

Posted on Wed Jan 13th, 2021 @ 5:46pm by Ensign Alexi Michelle & Lieutenant Karlie Edwards & Crewman James Gibbs & Sivain

1,104 words; about a 6 minute read

Mission: Where are we?
Location: Mess Hall

Impromptu Joint log from 12-09-2020 Cancelled Sim

❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain12/09/2020 :: hands the chef a gingerbread house candied ginger studding everywhere as well as Panes of pickled ginger for the windows(edited)

Chef JC Gibbs12/09/2020 ::takes:: thank you i'll set it by the serving table for all to see

Ens Alexi MichelleBOT12/09/2020 ::plops down at a table :: It's so good to be off my feet finally

Chef JC Gibbs12/09/2020 ::smiles then take a load off::can i get yopu two anything?

Ens Alexi MichelleBOT12/09/2020 I could use a nice cup of tea and a snack

Chef JC Gibbs12/09/2020 I think i can arrange that. ::giving her a smile::

Ens Alexi MichelleBOT12/09/2020 ::smiles:: It would be greatly appreciated

Chef JC Gibbs12/09/2020 ::goes in to ther kitchen is there for about 10 minutes::

Ens Alexi MichelleBOT12/09/2020 ::sits back in the chair and closes her eyes::

Chef JC Gibbs12/09/2020 ::comes out with a teas pot some lemon cookies and two glasses and tea leaves in a mesh bag::

Ens Alexi MichelleBOT12/09/2020 ::hears footsteps and opens eyes:: That looks good!

Chef JC Gibbs12/09/2020 ::sets on the table in front of her::

Ens Alexi MichelleBOT12/09/2020 ::sits up straighter:: A real tea pot? Very nice! I haven't seen one of those since my grandmothers broke.

Chef JC Gibbs12/09/2020 Shhhhh.:: that is my personal tea pot

Ens Alexi MichelleBOT12/09/2020 Ahhh. I'll keep that a secret then. ::smiles::

Chef JC Gibbs12/09/2020 ENjoy and please dont break my tea pot

Ens Alexi MichelleBOT12/09/2020 Perhaps you should join me. Just to make sure.

Chef JC Gibbs12/09/2020 ::sit down::its been a long time since i sat down to Tea with anyone.

Ens Alexi MichelleBOT12/09/2020 It's not a common occurrence for me either, these days it usually grab it and run.

Chef JC Gibbs12/09/2020 ::he chuckled:: Thats like 99% of the crew I see it all the time.

Ens Alexi MichelleBOT12/09/2020 and for the record, I did not break grandmother's teapot. She threw it at the cat.

Chef JC Gibbs12/09/2020 ::he smiled:: Sure... ::adding the mesh tea leaves to the water in each of there cups::::

Ens Alexi MichelleBOT12/09/2020 It was a rather large cat. I believe it was called cougar. Although I am not sure why she let something that big in her house.

Chef JC Gibbs12/09/2020 Blind? Senile?

Ens Alexi MichelleBOT12/09/2020 possible on the latter. Thank god she isn't really a blood relative or I would be worried.

Chef JC Gibbs12/09/2020 I would be too. ::taking the tea "bags" out of the cups:: Cream? Sugar?

Ens Alexi MichelleBOT12/09/2020 Just a little sugar. Thank you.

Chef JC Gibbs12/09/2020 ::put a spoonful in her cup and added cream and sugar to his:: THere you go.

Ens Alexi MichelleBOT12/09/2020 ::takes her cup and gently blows across it before taking a sip:: Ahhh.. just what I needed.

Alexi Michelle12/09/2020 Can I ask you a question? Why did you become a chef?

Chef JC Gibbs12/09/2020 ::he smiled:: Something i wanted to since i was a kid. But i wasnt always a handsome talented Chef i was a Lonely little MACO.

Alexi Michelle12/09/2020 Really? And you didn't go into a more... tactical field?

Chef JC Gibbs12/09/2020 ::looking down at his tea:: Well i was medically discharges from starfleet. I developed a rare disease that damaged the muscle nerves and bones in my back. I was confined to a wheelchair and couldn't walk. I was healed by Dr. Pholx and thats when i choice to make due of my liberation from the chair. I choice cooking because i got that second chance. Plus im not 100% so i cant serve in starfleet as crew member, but could as a chef.

Alexi Michelle12/09/2020 ::Frowns:: I am sorry about that. But I am glad that you are the chef here.

Chef JC Gibbs12/09/2020 ::smiles:: as am I. ::sips the tea::

Alexi Michelle12/09/2020 It seems that life like to throw curveballs. My real mother died shortly after I was born and I have no idea who my father is.

Chef JC Gibbs12/09/2020 ::Nods::sorry to hear that.

Alexi Michelle12/09/2020 The Michelles have been great parents. Even moved back to earth so I could .. as they said it... 'find my purpose'.

Chef JC Gibbs12/09/2020 Did you?

Alexi Michelle12/09/2020 ::smiles:: I think so. And Star Fleet has been great for me.

❙❙ Karlie Waters12/09/2020
::Karlie enters the room and looks around, unsure to head to the bar or a table::

Chef JC Gibbs12/09/2020 ::smiles:: thats good then. ::sees Ensign Waters:: Ensign come join us for a spot of tea ::said in a bad british accent::

❙❙ Karlie Waters12/09/2020 I'm a Lieutenant... ::She gave a nod::: I like sweetened American tea.

Alexi Michelle12/09/2020 It was hard for them. They were farmers and I was anything but. Even when I was little I was protecting everyone. ::smiles over at Waters, and nods to an empty seat:: Please do join us

Chef JC Gibbs12/09/2020 My mistake Lieutenant, please join us i'll grab another cup and some tea bags. There is cream and sugar on the tray.

❙❙ Karlie Waters12/09/2020 You two may call me Karlie ::She sat on the empty seat.::

Chef JC Gibbs12/09/2020 ::nods:: be right back ::disappears in to the kitchen for several minutes a few bangs and crash can be heard by the pair in the other room::

Alexi Michelle12/09/2020 Nice to make you're acquaintance, Karlie. We haven't met yet. I'm Alexi.

❙❙ Karlie Waters12/09/2020 Almost rhymes. ::She smiled:: How are you?

Alexi Michelle12/09/2020 Much better now that I've had some tea.

Chef JC Gibbs12/09/2020 ::comes back in with a cup and some extra sugar and some tea bags:: here you go Lieut......Karlie. Sorry old habits die hard.

❙❙ Karlie Waters12/09/2020 It's okay. It's part of training.

Alexi Michelle12/09/2020 That is true. Most of the time I don;t even think about it, it's just.... natural

Chef JC Gibbs12/09/2020 I was enlisted so Its always ma'am or sir. ::he grinned::

❙❙ Karlie Waters12/09/2020 ::She nodded::

Chef JC Gibbs12/10/2020 ::pouring the hot water in to her cup and setting it front of her:: here you go. ::putting the tea bags next to the cup::

❙❙ Karlie Waters12/10/2020 ::She smells it:: May I request some ice?

Chef JC Gibbs12/10/2020 Sure no problem .::Goes to the drink machine and gets a large cup of ice and brings it to her::

❙❙ Karlie Waters12/10/2020 Thank you I really do appreciate this. ::She puts the ice into the warm tea, after she fixed it up::

Chef JC Gibbs12/10/2020 ::buzzer went off in the kitchen:: excuse me I must tend to dinner before it burns or any one tries to stick there fingers in it. Enjoy your tea, I should be back shortly.
((Sadly i must call it a night))



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