USS Ares

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Posted on Fri Aug 21st, 2020 @ 1:42am by Lieutenant Karlie Edwards
Edited on on Fri Aug 21st, 2020 @ 1:46am

Mission: Where are we?
Location: Starfleet Outpost 26 - Sickbay
Timeline: During last sim time

=/\= Starfleet Outpost 26 =/\=

--Before the time of the ship pursuit and then during the time of the pursuit--

They had slipped a few agents over to the Outpost in disguise as the medical nurses/doctors. The doctors/nurses were unconscious in their homes and the homes secured as if they had left. The agents would monitor the Sickbay area with a couple of them at the couple in the monitoring area. They scanned the area and the information to find Timmy Waters on file alone.

Quickly, the ship side had apprehended him and found his correspondence with his sister, Karlie. They knew that they needed her as well as these others for their operation to run smoothly. They made sure that he couldn't talk, but would be seen suffering. They found the needed photos to use.

The creatures communicated that it was imperative to keep their mission a secret and make sure it succeeded by any one of them.

At Starfleet Outpost 26, the creature at her father's side chuckled, "Old man. Younger woman." He shook his head as he drew vial of liquid, "You will be easy to clone, so will your children."

The other male stared at the female. He began using his credentials to withdraw the liquid, "Isn't she part us?"

First one shrugged, "1/4th. The daughter will be 1/8th and barely detected, if the doctors knew what to look for. We're a dying species... We have to blend with others to survive."

The second one nodded, "the father of this one is us, right?"

The first one gave a look to his pal, "Yes, by 1/2. let's get video to the girl. Scare her as promised."

The second nodded and proceeded, so when whomever walks into her quarters.... They will see that the aliens have her parents as well as the station in their claws.
The creatures smiled and they continued about their work infecting more into sleep mode quickly.. They didn't want any alerts to be sounded.

=/\= End Transmission =/\=

Unknown Species
Alien Ship/Starfleet Outpost 26
Rank and Position Unknown
To be continued in Sim.


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