USS Ares

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Missing and the unknown

Posted on Mon Aug 17th, 2020 @ 9:01am by Lieutenant Karlie Edwards

Mission: Where are we?
Location: Quarters
Timeline: Before last sim

Karlie was rubbing her head, reading the information over and over... Something didn't add up and still doesn't... She tried to message her brother which resulted in an auto reply that he was transferred... She tried the other style message, just to be rejected not to message again... She knew his style signature that he used in Engineering.... He always did that for her as a little secret... So, she wondered how he could be found without others knowing that...

She shook her head again, nothing was making sense now... Except that the criminal was spotted a bit away from them... She didn't want to drag any others into it. It wasn't her mission to begin with, but her own parents... Whom are apparently off the grid some how...

She hoped his people found more Information.. She sent him a message and she knew that she had to act like she had some sleep. Despite that all this was seemingly more important to her, than her own life and she didn't want that known.

There was at least something. Ritcher went to her quarters and pushed the chime.

"Come in." She said as she sipped on some coffee.

Once the hatch opened he turned and locked it behind him. "I got stuff back, a lot of information. Finally."

"That's good!" She gave a smile, "I would love to hear it, please."

He did have a tablet with him as well, sitting down. "So apparently, there's more mess to it than we figured. There's a ship trail following us. Its not your parents ship. Your parents have been found as well. Though..they were wounded. My contact wasn't able to find out, at least yet, how. They are unconscious and on the mend at Starfleet Outpost 26. They also think your brother is headed for the outpost."

She gave a nod, "It would explain these emails." She showed him the auto response from her brother and the message from the ship.

She shook her head, "If the people that my parents were after.... Are as bad as assumed... They could lead anyone into a trap... I say we be cautious." She looked uneasy. "Maybe it's just nothing though... I'll look into it."

She pondered for a second, "you could help as well... just have to be quiet and quick. It can't link to this that we both know - which is just they were after some very clever whatever. That's it."

Secretly, her mind was so wide open - there'd be no sleep for her. She was determined to get what she could find with both the mission of the nebula and the other.

"Those I get information from, cover their tracks very well. I wouldn't even bother if I didn't care and it wasn't for a good reason. Though." He gave a long sigh, "If there is a ship trailing us? We have to find out. That means they are after you now as well."

He wasn't that telepathic, but there was some. Maybe more if he practiced it more. "Help how? I thought I was, and you need to sleep. Don't make me get the doctor involved."

She gave a nod, "I... Should have used a fake name... They would have had to only worry about the others..." She pouted a few moments, "I can't sleep until it's done..."

She took a sip of her drink, "If we involve others, even for my sleep... We could endanger. I would rather be quiet... Only my brother and those he was involved with knew..." She shook her head more, "I smell a mole somewhere." And more tears fell from worry. "I just want to curl up and things to be okay..."

She leaned against him very quietly.

"You didn't know, and would it really have helped?" Tilting his head a little bit and kissing the top of hers. "You have to sleep, you are no good to us, or this situation if you can't stand up. As for a mole, there is no telling right now."

Reaching to wipe and kiss her tears away. Pulling her across his lap and holding her. "That's the point of asking for help and why I have been. To make this okay."

She leaned into him some more, "I don't think I have the courage to get the doc..." She didn't want to ask more either. "Tomorrow is another day..." She fiddled with her hair a little bit, before settling into her thoughts.

"I can, or we can try something else." Resting his chin lightly on the top of her head if she wasn't looking at him anymore.

"What is there to try?" She was curious, but content to not move from the safety of his embrace. She felt she could relax, even if she couldn't sleep a wink.

"That's easy." He wasn't even talking about sex to wear her out. He did however, pick her up as he stood and go over to the bunk. Even if it was a little small it would work. Slipping in against the wall and pulling her up in his arms again.

Karlie giggled a little bit, but she settled back in to her comfort... She just still couldn't sleep for the night, no matter how much she tried... She was able to contently rest. Possibly, an inheritance from her mother.

Oddly enough, he could. It helped more her in his arms.


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