USS Ares

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Something Blue?

Posted on Thu Feb 25th, 2021 @ 2:17am by Ensign Alexi Michelle & Commodore Devon Cummings & Captain Matthew Edwards & Lieutenant Karlie Edwards & Sergeant Major John Calder & Ensign Zhur Gaavr

Mission: Where are we?
Location: Ship Graveyard

USS Ares Live Sim 02-10-2021
Attention On Deck

Ens Alexi Michelle ::AA::

Ens Gaavr A

Capt_DevonCummings Evening everyone.

Matthew Edwards Good evening Captain

Capt_DevonCummings Sorry, was talking with CaptZak about something.
Looks like all we're missing is Seamus?
Questions about the brief?

Matthew Edwards No questions sir

❙❙ Karlie Waters None here

Ens Alexi Michelle no questions here

Capt_DevonCummings We'll start when we reach the graveyard.

LCARS Begin Sim

Capt_DevonCummings ::On the bridge, looking at the viewscreen.::

Ens Alexi Michelle ::standing at tactical scanning the ship graveyard::

Matthew Edwards ::looking at the graveyard on the view screen::

Capt_DevonCummings All scanners active...full sweeps.
Yellow alert, shields up.

Ens Alexi Michelle Scanning, Sir , Yellow alert, Aye:: set condition yellow and raises shields::

Capt_DevonCummings Helm. Ahead slow.

Matthew Edwards Weapons at the ready. Just in case

Ens Alexi Michelle Yes, Sir. ::puts weapons on Hot standby::

Capt_DevonCummings Scan for life signs, and any indication of technology.

❙❙ Karlie Waters ::quietly stands at science, reading instructions from the former science officer::

Matthew Edwards ::walks over to Science:: Anything on your end?

Capt_DevonCummings Action: The ship moves slowly through the beginning of the graveyard.

Ens Alexi Michelle ::scan for indications of tech, letting science scan for life signs::

Capt_DevonCummings ::Looks at the various ships, and their state.::

❙❙ Karlie Waters ::gets startled and growls. Notes the padds, looks at the scans:: I'm not finding anything

Capt_DevonCummings ::Down in engineering, the little droid we picked up at the station, starts to become agitated.::

Ens Alexi Michelle ::studies the scans carefully:: Looks like most of these have been stripped of anything useful.

Matthew Edwards ::sighs and nods:: Keep at it.

Capt_DevonCummings Action: The droid leaves engineering and floats to a TL and heads to the bridge.

Ens Gaavr :: Is somewhere ::

❙❙ Karlie Waters ::gets back to refreshing her memory, feeling like this is familiar to her::

Capt_DevonCummings ::Looks at Comms.::
::Wonders where Gaavr is.::

Ens Gaavr :: Feeling a bit woozy, making his way to the bridge ::

Capt_DevonCummings Action: The droid exits the TL and enters the bridge.

Sgt Major Calder :: Keeping a tab on the droid ::

Ens Alexi Michelle ::Looks over as the droid exits the TL and moves to protect the Captain:: Sir!

Matthew Edwards ::looks at the droid:: Looks who's here.

❙❙ Karlie Waters ::gets startled again:: aggh, why am I sooo jumpy... ::grumbles::

Capt_DevonCummings ::Wonders why it isn't still in engineering.:: Hello, my little friend. Why are you here?

Ens Gaavr :: Enters the bridge ::

Ens Alexi Michelle ::is not happy the droid has shown up on the bridge and it shows in her stance::

Capt_DevonCummings Droid>

You can speak.

❙❙ Karlie Waters ::runs a diagnostic on the droid with her scans::

Matthew Edwards What is he saying?

Capt_DevonCummings Droid>Connected with....language computer.

Says this is a bad place.

Ens Alexi Michelle That it doesn't like it here. Which is of little surprise when you look around

❙❙ Karlie Waters ::tries scanning the internal and external with her science scans to see what she could find::

Capt_DevonCummings Action: Sensors pick up life signs from a wreak, ahead to starboard.

Matthew Edwards But apparently, he knows it better. ::looks at the droid:: What else can you tell us, little guy?

❙❙ Karlie Waters The droid seems to be functioning normal... Captain, I've got life signs on the starboard side.

Ens Gaavr :: takes his station ::

Matthew Edwards Life signs?

Ens Alexi Michelle ::looks at Waters and then returns to check her scans as well:: I confirm, to our starboard

Capt_DevonCummings Action: humanoid life signs.

Change course.

Ens Alexi Michelle They appear to be coming from that derelict vessel. ::indicates a badly damaged vessel::

Matthew Edwards Gaavr, try to hail them.

Ens Gaavr Aye, hailing...

Ens Alexi Michelle Captain, I would use caution. this may be a trap.

❙❙ Karlie Waters ::She hands Gaavr a hypo::

Capt_DevonCummings Understood, Ensign.

Action: Ares approaches the ship. No answer to hail.

Ens Alexi Michelle ::concentrates scans on the vessel::

Capt_DevonCummings It took a lot of damage.

Droid> Careful...captain.

::Pats the droid.::

Ens Gaavr No answer on all channels.

Ens Alexi Michelle ::looks at the droid:: Seems he shares my concerns. Interesting.

Ens Gaavr :: takes the hypo :: Yes?

Matthew Edwards ::pats the droid::

Capt_DevonCummings Can we isolate the lifesigns?

Ens Alexi Michelle ::scanning the vessel for damage::

Matthew Edwards ::walks over to Tactical::

❙❙ Karlie Waters ::scans to determine exactly where the life signs are::

Ens Alexi Michelle ::glances at Edwards as he approaches:: I do not believe this ship is as disabled as it looks
::can't pinpoint a reason but it just feels wrong::

Capt_DevonCummings Action: The life signs are isolated behind what appears to be the bridge.

❙❙ Karlie Waters ::She looked up at the Captain:: The life signs appear to be behind, what could be the bridge. I'm not sure any more than that so far.

Capt_DevonCummings You think their trying to lure us in, ensign?

Ens Alexi Michelle Yes, Sir. I do. Like the proverbial fish on the hook

Matthew Edwards It is possible

Capt_DevonCummings Gaavr, try hailing them again, all frequencies.
::Looks at Waters.:: Can you determine how many?

Ens Alexi Michelle ::Keeps looking at her scans as she talks:: While it appears to have sustained damage, I am still unable to find any that would render it inoperable

Ens Gaavr Aye, standard hail again. :: does so ::

Capt_DevonCummings Action: Between 10 to 20 individuals.

❙❙ Karlie Waters :: looks into the scans:: Looks like 10 or 20 or so individuals...
They might not be able to get to the bridge? Like something could have happened?...

Capt_DevonCummings Ensign Michelle, can you determine what weapons they have?

Matthew Edwards Can we beam them up?

Capt_DevonCummings Action: Standard energy weapons.
I don't want to just suddenly beam someone off their ship.

Ens Alexi Michelle Seems to be standard energy weapons, Sir

Capt_DevonCummings ::To Waters.:: Can you find a docking port on that ship?

❙❙ Karlie Waters ::Scans to find where the docking port could be::

Capt_DevonCummings ::To Michelle.:: Are their shields up?
Action: No docking ports are located, and their shields are down.

Ens Alexi Michelle No shields detected, Captain. At the moment at least

❙❙ Karlie Waters ::She shook her head:: No Docking ports either.

Matthew Edwards ::weighs in on options::

Capt_DevonCummings Commander, feel like taking a trip?

Matthew Edwards Yes sir.

Capt_DevonCummings Take Michelle with you and beam over. Try to observe them first, and if you think it's safe, make contact.

❙❙ Karlie Waters May need medical as well, just in case

Matthew Edwards Yes sir. ::nods to Michelle:: I was gonna suggest that. I should bring one doctor with me. Just in case.

Ens Alexi Michelle ::turns over her station to a jr officer:: I suggest until we have established it is safe, we go in with a security team

Capt_DevonCummings Take the doctor along.

Ens Gaavr :: Listening to other traffic, if any ::

Crewman_Delgado ::Junior officer Delgado takes over Tactical::

Capt_DevonCummings Just you, the doctor and the commander, ensign....I don't want you to spook them.

Matthew Edwards Exactly.

❙❙ Karlie Waters ::nods::

Ens Alexi Michelle ::sighs:: Aye , Sir.

Capt_DevonCummings Go. Good luck.

Matthew Edwards ::heads to the turbolift::

Ens Alexi Michelle ::follows the Commander::

Capt_DevonCummings Action: They arrive in the main transporter room. They step up on the flatform.

Matthew Edwards ::he steps on the pad and waits for Michelle and a doctor::

Ens Alexi Michelle ::grabs the standard away gear, tricorder and phaser, then steps onto the Pad::

Capt_DevonCummings Action: The doctor steps up on the platform.

Matthew Edwards Alright. Everyone set?

Ens Alexi Michelle ::nods but keeps the phaser in her hand, just in case::Aye, Sir!

Matthew Edwards ::nods to the transporter chief:: Energize.

Capt_DevonCummings Action: The team materializes behind some crates, but they can see though some gaps, and they see.....

Pause sim.

Ens Gaavr (Zahn?) (think that's her name)

Ens Alexi Michelle ::AA::

❙❙ Karlie Waters ::pause::

Capt_DevonCummings Farscape...loved that show...Zhann.

❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards Great show. One of my faves as a kid

Capt_DevonCummings Friend of mine upgraded to the blu-ray episodes, so he gave me all his dvd's of the show.

❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards Nice

Capt_DevonCummings Okay...good job everyone. Next week, we find out more about these people.
TBS....1 minute. Any questions?
Guess not. Commander, dismiss the crew please.

Matthew Edwards Alrighty

Good job tonight everyone. Looking forward to next week and hopefully meeting new allies.

Have a good week. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay positive.

Capt_DevonCummings See you next safe.

LCARS Dismissed


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