USS Ares

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Live Sim SD: Sept 16th

Posted on Wed Nov 18th, 2020 @ 8:59am by Lieutenant Karlie Edwards & Commodore Devon Cummings & Captain Matthew Edwards & Ensign Zhur Gaavr
Edited on on Wed Nov 18th, 2020 @ 9:29am

Mission: Where are we?

LCARS: ​Attention On Deck

❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman:::attn::
Portman> ::attn::
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: LtBradley> ::AA::
❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: ::AA::
❙ Ens Gaavr or MCPO Calder: Ugh
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: Don't think Sivain will make it tonight.
❙❙ Karlie Waters ❙ Mira Strauss: ;;aa;;
Mira> ::aa::
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: Didn't mean to worry you about your pinky Gaavr....if it doesn't get better in the next couple of days, go to the ER
❙ Ens Gaavr or MCPO Calder: Yeah
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: Okay, so just the 5 of us tonight. No medical or engineering.
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: [Or just make an appointment with your primary anyway?]
❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: Yeah
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: [if he can, I would]
[there was a famous football player, who dislocated his pinky the first half of the game, at half time, he had the trainer cut off the pinky so he could play.]
So we play tonight?
❙❙ Karlie Waters ❙ Mira Strauss: (unless you want me to npc Timmy as engineering)
❙ Ens Gaavr or MCPO Calder: (I'll be back in a minute then...)
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: [You do that Waters]
We'll give Gaavr a minute or two.
❙ Ens Gaavr or MCPO Calder: (no, to cut off my pinkie...)
I'm going to be slow to type
❙❙ Karlie Waters ❙ Mira Strauss: (it's probably spranged, put really warm washcloth on it. or wrap it up in a wet warm washcloth.)
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: I only use one finger on each my thumb for the space bar.
(or ice, to cut down the swelling)
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: [I use all my fingers. :stuck_out_tongue: ]
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: while we wait, any questions about the brief?
❙❙ Karlie Waters ❙ Mira Strauss: Nope
❙ Ens Gaavr or MCPO Calder: I'm here though
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: Nay.
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: Your a trooper Gaavr.
The sim will start as the ship approaches the asteroid field.

LCARS: ​Start Sim.

❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: ::On the bridge.::
LtBradley>At the helm.::
❙❙ Karlie Waters ❙ Mira Strauss: ::uses her scans to try to see what she could get out of the Asteroid field::

LCARS: The ship is at yellow alert.

❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: ::Ritcher and Portman were both at their respective posts::
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: Helm, so to half impulse.
❙❙ Karlie Waters ❙ Mira Strauss: Mira> ::off flirting with the mcpo, some where on the ship as her shift is later::
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: LtBradley>Half impulse, aye.
❙ Ens Gaavr or MCPO Calder: :: Gaavr listens :
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: Put the field on the viewer, please.
❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: ::stands over by Helm::
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: LtBradley>::Activates the viewscreen.::
Lt Waters, are the sensors detecting anything from that field?
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: I don't see that ship if they were following.
❙ Ens Gaavr or MCPO Calder: Gaavr :: Trying different bands
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: Maybe we lost them.
❙❙ Karlie Waters ❙ Mira Strauss: No life signs detected... There's various minerals and deposits in there. The deposits are rather large, seemingly.
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: Perhaps, but Portman and I will keep an eye out anyway.
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: ::Walks over and looks at the readouts of the field.:: A lot of things we could use.........might as well take advantage of them and help ourselves.
::Walks back to his chair.::Commander. I want you to work with engineering. We'll need containers for some of the things we'll help ourselves to.
❙❙ Karlie Waters ❙ Mira Strauss: ::nods::
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: Lt Waters. Start scanning, and give helm a course. Mr Valarig, stand by grapplers and phaser canons.
❙❙ Karlie Waters ❙ Mira Strauss: ::scans more as she sends the coordinates to the helm::
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: LtBradley>Coordinates received.
❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: On it sir.
::makes his way to engineering::
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: ::nods and sets them to ready.:: You'd think the Andorians would have given us tractor beams by now.
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: Mr Bradley. Is there enough room to maneuver in that field?
❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: This is gonna be fun.
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: LtBradley>::Checks the readouts.:: Shouldn't be a problem captain.
❙❙ Karlie Waters ❙ Mira Strauss: Timothy> ::checks on things in Engineering. 'She's a beauty', he says to no one in particular. he was new to here, but he didn't want to stay... Apart of him, misses his other ship and he wished he didn't cave in to the lies from the enemy that manipulated.... He was finally healed, but he knew he'd have to check in to the doctor soon.::
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: Then Mr Bradley, proceed. Speed at your discretion.
LtBradley>Course laid in, speed 1/4 impulse.
Proceed helm.

LCARS: ​The ship starts to move into the field.

❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: ::opens the door and steps in Engineering::
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: Its to bad I was to young when my parents defected. I could have had better knowledge of Romulan technology to bring to Starfleet.
❙❙ Karlie Waters ❙ Mira Strauss: Timothy> ::looks at the commander:: Hello, sir.
❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: Hey there Timmy. How are you feeling?

LCARS: ​The Ares approaches the first target.

❙❙ Karlie Waters ❙ Mira Strauss: ::Karlie reads from her station:: first target, is a large asteroid... I recommend that the canons power be set at 1/4...
::.scans the asteroids and finds the fissure, informing them of it so the cannon can split it apart.::
Timothy> It's Timothy, sir. My sister prefers to call me Timmy though. I am doing okay, but I'm to check with the doctor if anything goes wrong.
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: Mr Valarig. Let see if we can do a little surgery on that asteroid. Let's break it up, gently, then use the grappler to get what pieces we want.
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: Alright. ::Gives a look and works with Karlie for the targeting. Setting the level:: Switching to manual.
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: All stop, helm.
❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: Good. Well, we found a asteroid field containing much needed materials to help aid us. I have work with the staff to get containers set and ready.
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: LtBradley>Answering all stop, sir.
❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: Wanna help out?
❙❙ Karlie Waters ❙ Mira Strauss: Timothy> ::smiled:: Sure.
❙ Ens Gaavr or MCPO Calder: Gaavr> Nothing on the comms.
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: May I suggest, actually instead, we match its speed, as they usually are moving some.
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: Thank you, Mr Gaavr.
Helm, match the asteroids speed,
❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: Awesome. Let's get to it.
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: LtBradley>Aye sir.
❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: ::gathers some engineers so they could get to work::
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: That's better. Okay, area locked, awaiting your signal, Captain.
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: At your discretion, Mr Valarig.
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: Starting manual 'cutting.' ::Working with the controls and being careful while doing so. Trying to get the angles so they go 'under' the deposit and connect in the middle so it doesn't affect the structural integrity of the asteroid when its pulled out.::
❙❙ Karlie Waters ❙ Mira Strauss: Timothy> ::works with Mr. Edwards in gathering up what they needed.::
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: ::Watching the canons slice up the asteroid.::
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: Cutting done.
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: Activate the tractor beam, and bring it into the shuttle bay, and let Mr Edwards know.
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: Activating Tractor Beam. ::Nods and was very careful with it. Also hitting the comm button.:: +Edwards+ Bringing in the first part of minerals to the shuttle bay, Commander.
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: Lt Waters, next target please.
❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: +Bridge+ Understood. We got the containers ready for what you get.
❙❙ Karlie Waters ❙ Mira Strauss: ::scans the area and then details the next target::
❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: Let's go people.
::leads his team to the shuttle bay::
❙❙ Karlie Waters ❙ Mira Strauss: Timothy> :: walks behind Edwards, pulling some of the crates::
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: Alright...need...a 14 degree alteration in position for the next one.
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: ::Stands up and looks at the screen.:: Hold position!

LCARS: ​everyone looks at the screen and all they see is the field.

❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: ::Leans over helm.:: Pitch the ship 10 degrees starboard.
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: Is something wrong, Captain?
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: I saw something.

LCARS: When the ship moves starboard, someone appears on the screen.....a large, alien ship!!!

❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: Tactical alert!
Raise the shields, arm all weapons!
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: How did I miss that? ::Sets Tactical Alert, and raises shields, arming weapons:: Photons armed.
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings:

❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: ::looks seeing Tactical Alert going off::

LCARS Pause Sim

❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: What the....
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: ::paws::
Portman> ::paws::
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: [the ship is almost 3 times bigger then the Ares]]
❙❙ Karlie Waters ❙ Mira Strauss: ::pause:: x3
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: As Mr Takai would say....Oh My!
So...what have we found? Is it friendly? Is it an enemy?
Shrilak: :thumbsup: Good sim. Thanks for letting me watch.
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: Glad to have you. Hope you'll consider joining us.
Shrilak: Its possible
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: I think its a colony ship.
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: Why didn't our sensors detect the ship???
All I can say is...Road Trip!!!
so next week, we'll try to communicate with the ship.
❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: None
Should be interesting.
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: Overall...a very good job all. Liked the team work.
Commander.......anything to add?
❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: What I can say is great job tonight everyone.
Should be exciting to see what happens next with this ship.
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: Send them home, commander.
❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: Also....
I wanna say, this is the best crew to be with. I am proud and happy to be part of it.
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: Here here.
❙❙ Lt Valarig- <<<●) CPO Portman: Here here.
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: any questions Shrilak, drop me a happy to answer anything.
❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: Same here
Shrilak: Cool thanks
❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: Alrighty.
Everyone have a good week. Stay safe. See you all next Wednesday. Have a good night.
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: Night all have a good week and stay safe.

LCARS: ​Dismissed


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