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Live Sim SD: Sept. 02

Posted on Thu Sep 3rd, 2020 @ 5:39am by Lieutenant Karlie Edwards & Commodore Devon Cummings & Sergeant Major John Calder
Edited on on Sat Sep 26th, 2020 @ 1:44am

Mission: Where are we?
Location: Bridge, Transporter Room, Alien Ship, and Sickbay

LCARS: Begin
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: ::on the bridge.::
Bradley>::At helm.::
❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: ::on the Bridge standing at Tactical::
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: Commander. Have all weapons on standby.
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Seamus>:: In ME, keeping the Engines at top condition;;
LCARS: ​The enemies are ready at their transport site with their doctor hiding and the weapons trained on Timmy.
❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: They're ready sir
❙❙ Karlie Waters ❙ Mira Strauss: Mira> :: Monitoring science. ::
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: Is the boarding party ready?
❙ Ens Gaavr or MCPO Calder: Calder > :: Getting ready ::
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Sivain>;;;;in the Transporter Room with full medical kit in case there are injuries that need being taken care of on the AT's return;;
❙❙ Karlie Waters ❙ Mira Strauss: ::Frets at the transporter, hiding it under her breath. Looking at Valarig::
❙ Ens Gaavr or MCPO Calder: Calder > :: checking his weapon ::
❙❙ Lt Valarig - <<<● CPO Portman: ::gives a glance to the rest of them and then Karlie:: It will be okay.
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Sivain>Sir with your permission I'd like to place a subdermal transponder so we'll not be able to lose them
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: ::Nods::
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Sivain>;;implants a small subdermal transponder in each of the AT so it would be easier to keep track of their locations;;
❙❙ Lt Valarig - <<<● CPO Portman: Ow..
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: +T+Captain to transporter room.
❙❙ Lt Valarig - <<<● CPO Portman: +Cummings+ We're ready here.
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: +Valarig+ Good luck, lieutenant. Energize at your command.
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Sivain>;;hands another transponder to Karlie for her brother;;
❙❙ Karlie Waters ❙ Mira Strauss: :: nods, handing it to Valarig. She didn't trust herself with it::
❙❙ Lt Valarig - <<<● CPO Portman: ::takes it and slips it away where his dagger is also hidden:: Everyone set?
❙❙ Karlie Waters ❙ Mira Strauss: Mira> ::looks at her readings:: We better do it now or he's gone. The vital readings are extremely low.
Karlie> I'm ready. ::She said, hiding her worry::
❙❙ Lt Valarig - <<<● CPO Portman: ::gives a nod:: Energize.
❙❙ Lt Valarig - <<<● CPO Portman: Portman> They are over there.
LCARS: The AT is transported to the alien ship. Soon as the crew are transported in. The doctor slipped up behind Karlie and quickly takes two vials. Disappearing with the patient falling unconscious.
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: Keep a lock on them.
Helm, plot an escape course, maximum warp.
Bradley> Aye sir. Course plotted.
LCARS: The guards hands them Timmy and leave the room, after the doctor disappeared to his area.
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Sivain>Captain I hope you don't think I was out of order for suggesting the subdermal transponders for them
❙❙ Lt Valarig - <<<● CPO Portman: @ What in the hell! ::slipping into a defensive stance, then once she dropped, or went to, he caught her.::
@ Calder, get her brother.
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: No I didn't, doctor.
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Sivain>;;nods and readies transport to Sickbay for the AT in case it's needed;;
❙❙ Karlie Waters ❙ Mira Strauss: Mira> ::reads her console looking shocked:: Captain, one of our crew's vitals just dropped...
❙❙ Lt Valarig - <<<● CPO Portman: Portman> With the transponders I have a better lock. There's another Human by the away team now. I think they gave him over.
❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: Do you have everyone?
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: Who's vitals did you lose?
❙❙ Karlie Waters ❙ Mira Strauss: Mira> The Female... Barely there...
❙❙ Lt Valarig - <<<● CPO Portman: @ ::once Calder had her brother he put the transponder on him. Quickly gets his communicator out:: ++Ares++ Now!
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: See if you can get a lock on her and beam her back.
❙❙ Lt Valarig - <<<● CPO Portman: Portman> All four transponders active.
❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: Get them all back now!
❙❙ Lt Valarig - <<<● CPO Portman: Portman> ::sends the signal to the Transporter room, straight to Sickbay.::
❙❙ Karlie Waters ❙ Mira Strauss:
Mira> ::looked worried a bit, wondering do we have them?::
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: Do we have everyone?
❙ Ens Gaavr or MCPO Calder: Calder > :: Where he is ::
LCARS: ​The alien ship disappears, once the crew were beamed away.
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Sivain>;;gets to sickbay and makes sure of everyone's condition especially that of Timmy and Karlie;;
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings:
Helm, get us out of here.
Bradley>Aye sir.
LCARS: The ship warps out of the area.
❙ Ens Gaavr or MCPO Calder: Calder > :: in sickbay ::
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: Commander, go to sickbay and checks on our people.
❙❙ Karlie Waters ❙ Mira Strauss: Mira> :: frowns::
❙❙ Lt Valarig - <<<● CPO Portman: ::Gets Karlie up on one of the beds and motions for Calder to do so with her Brother::
Portman> We're not going after them?
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Sivain>;;is busy setting up transfusions of whole blood for the Waters 'kids' while trying to determine why they are like that and what must be done to correct it;;
❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: ::takes the lift to Sickbay::
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: We don't know where they went. They can become invisible....they have the tactical advantage.
LCARS: ​The two were barely breathing. Marks on both of injection site in their right arm.
❙❙ Lt Valarig - <<<● CPO Portman: Portman> What about tracking their impulse signature, the gas expelled under warp and impulse?
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Sivain>;;gives them both injections of Tri-Ox compound to help with their breathing and oxyngenation;;
❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: ::arrives in Sickbay::
How are they?
❙❙ Karlie Waters ❙ Mira Strauss: Mira> What would we do then, if there were more than that ship?
❙❙ Lt Valarig - <<<● CPO Portman: Portman> I don't know. Its not like they attacked us and Valarig said their armorments are comparable to ours, not better. Confront them again since they don't have leverage.
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Sivain> They're not in the best of shape and I've already started Transfusions and Tri-Ox shots to help them but I need to find out more where the condition came from and how to treat it
❙❙ Karlie Waters ❙ Mira Strauss: Mira> Captain? Do we follow?
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: No....I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of them.
❙❙❙ Commander Matthew Edwards: ::walks over::
Do what you can
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Sivain>Aye sir
❙❙ Lt Valarig - <<<● CPO Portman: I don't know what they did to her or him to be honest. One came up and it looked like took blood. Which tells me that's all they wanted, because they let us leave way to easy.
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Sivain>I have found traces of alien DNA, unknown type at the moment, but I'm working on that as well
❙❙ Lt Valarig - <<<● CPO Portman: ::Looks to Matt:: I'll try to get in contact with my...contacts again. I need to anyway to see where they have taken her Parents and the Vendorian's they captured.
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: Helm, drop to warp 3.
Bradley>aye sir
+t+ Captain to Commander Edwards. Status of the away team.
❙❙ Karlie Waters ❙ Mira Strauss: Mira> ::looks at the Captain::
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: Strauss, get down to sickbay and give me a status report.
❙❙ Karlie Waters ❙ Mira Strauss: Mira) Aye, sir :: leaves the bridge::
LCARS: The ship is back on it's original course.
❙❙ Lt Valarig - <<<● CPO Portman: ::moves to the comm panel on the wall:: +Cummings+ We're fine, they aren't, not right now. The Doc is working on them. I can contact my people, see what else they know. Also find out how to get her Parents back.
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: +Valarig+Understood, lieutenant.
❙❙ Karlie Waters ❙ Mira Strauss: Mira) ::arrives in sickbay, right during the report:: Anything I can do to help? ::Said after they were done::
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Sivain>;;starts doing a complete Chromosomal workup on the two and works to adapt the transfusions to better serve their needs;;
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: ::Goes to the science console and has the computer run continuous sensor sweeps of the area behind them.
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Sivain> If you don't mind watching Chromosomal sequencing, I Do need to keep watching them while it's running
❙❙ Lt Valarig - <<<● CPO Portman: You could probably help Sivain figure out what was done to them. Science and Medical you know. And What she said. Sorry Doc. I'll hush.
Portman> Looking for their field signal or the gasious signature?
❙❙❙❙ CaptainDevonCummings: ::Goes to his chair and cancels the red alert, but keeps the ship at yellow alert.::
❙❙ Karlie Waters ❙ Mira Strauss: Mira) ::Smiled at Valarig, then turned her attention to the chromosomal::
❙ Seamus MacDoughall & Sivain: Sivain(male)> Field signatures
LCARS: Pause Sim


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