USS Ares

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Hostages Part 2

Posted on Thu Aug 27th, 2020 @ 12:24am by Lieutenant Karlie Edwards

Mission: Where are we?
Location: Starfleet Outpost 26

The two beings on the outpost were working on getting another set of vials, when their comrades noted that several Romulan ships were entering the area. None of them knew who was behind it, except one on Ares that had a reach out to help his love.

They knew they had to act quick, because of their previous run-ins with these guys and they blame them for part of the destruction of their kind. They knew the Rihan were adamant to getting rid of the cultures that they felt would harm them. This culture was accused of such.

They transported their vials to two locations - the ship and an off site location. They were hoping to find ways to 're-invent' their species, besides one of the ways that didn't work. The Vendorian were glad they weren't hardly known and could be so secretive with their path.

The RSE Shen'Rarth dropped out of warp and cloaked. Finding out more of the information that Valarig had asked them to find out. Scanning the area and finding the ship there at the outpost.

That was going to be particularly easy to get a strike team ready to raid the outpost and take it back. Certainly shouldn't be a problem to deal with that ship either. They didn't even have to decloak to get the team over onto the station.

The ones there were busy trying to erase anything and everything on the couple and putting people there to sleep. They weren't in the operations section, nor shuttle bays. The two in sickbay were busy on the couple, slowly draining fluids from them. They took the form of each of the couple, just like they did the couple's friend.

That, after scans would easily put them where they can beam in and literally take the outpost. Into the key sections. It really shouldn't be to hard to do so, while the Commander stayed on the ship. Once signaled they had the station and secured the hostages would be when the ship would decloak and go to alert red.

The creatures turned around. Some beamed out, but the ones in sickbay were trying to trake the couple as well. They began acting erratic and hissy.

There shouldn't be any real reason to be able to subdue them with ease. If there was resistance then that would be andled. The Romulans were not at all worried about forcing instead of trying to capture them. However that would be preferable. They could be taken back to the Empire.

They weren't happy being hauled off to the brigs, knowing that the Romulans didn't like the Vendorian. They were surprised that they weren't finished. They decided that they could hide their time posing as Romulans, when least expect. They looked back hissing at the Rihan fixing their distructiveness. "You Veruul. You shall die."

They were a lot more useful to the Romulans alive. They certainly wouldn't be able to pass for them. They have been caught and just shape shifting wasn't going to help. There also was a message sent out to Valarig with the details.


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