Questions but no Real Answers

Posted on Sun May 24th, 2020 @ 5:31pm by Lieutenant Karlie Waters & Lieutenant Richter Valarig
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Mission: Where are we?
Location: Valarig's Quarters

=/\= Start Log =/\=

Karlie was still unnerved having read the last message. She didn't like deleting them, but she understood why. She frowned upon picking up the padd of information that she had gathered. She placed them on her table, before leaving her quarters to visit Richter.

Richter had just gotten off shift and was actually heading to the Mess. He was kind of hungry. Stopping before he literally ran into Karlie.

She smiled at him, "I was just going to see you."

"I was just going off shift to get something to eat. Want to?"

She frowned a little, "Only if others aren't in there.... What I have to say, may violate the temperal accords of the Federation..." She gave a wary look.

"Then I can just get something and bring it with me to your quarters."

She gave a nod, "I will meet you there."

"It should be unlocked, so go on in." Nodding and turning to finish to get a sandwich and just take it with him.

She just stood there a moment, closing her eyes to think.
Wondering how to start... What she needs to do or say...

Took about ten minutes or so. He got a second Deanwich if she wanted it, if not, he'd certainly eat it. Meeting her in his quarters.

She was sitting in a chair, hands on her lap barely shaking. "Go ahead and eat first."

"I got you one, and I can eat at the same time, sweetie. Obviously this has to do with that about the message you got and telling against regulations."

She nods, "What do you know on the temperal accords?"

"You mean the fact that isn't suppose to be messed with and the fact that Captain Archer and the Enterprise completely messed all over with temporal things and that is why they were created?"

She nodded, "Except they're messed with more than that from the future." She sighed, "No one has learned, because things keep being erased."

There was still the Deanwich if she wanted it, but he really was hungry, so he was going to eat while they talked. "No one ever truly learns, even if they learn some things."

She sighed, "I am not originally from this time..."

"Okay? I'm not originally suppose to be an actual Federation Starfleet officer, just because of what I am."

She giggled a little bit, "my parents are in this timeline to help track down an old former friend of their's that went rogue. It's been years for us here. I was a teenager and there's no official record of any of us. I don't know how my parents managed us into starfleet."

"Manipulation I would assume, darlin."

She shrugged, "I guess. Considering their ranks."

"See. It is possible."

She sighs, "it's just that there's word once everything settles. We're all to head back to our timeline. I prefer to stay. There's nothing for me there... "

She looked down, "In order to do that, I would have to be a temperal agent..."

She sighs, "So, I am one. It's so I could stay."

Crosses his arms over his chest, "Not to be tempermental a little, but you didn't think to mention that when we started dating?"

She shook her head, "Never thought it would be long term or serious. I wasn't expecting anything. I was just told to live my life. I wasn't but a kid when I was transferred here. I learned only a limited as a teen, which was that I wasn't born in this timeline. I didn't know much more. Most has been recent with the letters deleting after being read."

"Fair enough, I suppose. However, does that mean you are a temporal agent? Or are you just listing the requirement."

"In order to stay or get information on this, I had to become one. Otherwise, I don't know what would have happened if I didn't have." She showed him a badge,"This appeared in my quarters during the celebration of the food."
She sighed a moment, "it was either that or suddenly disappear." She looked uneasy still.

He reached out and took the badge, if she let him. Giving it a look over on both sides for a moment. "Hmm. There something, maybe..if I have not burnt that bridge. I can do to help. However, I have got to know everything."

She gave a nod and handed him a padd of information, "I took notes, so I didn't forget."

"And..they are in your quarters in lock down aren't they." The slender Romulan eyebrow raised a little bit, even though he was sure of the answer. There was the possibility that he was wrong.

She shook her head, "that is all I have. The other Information sent through communication was destroyed after I read it. Hence the word, 'notes'." She was frowning, "I wish I could have more to show you. They don't know that I did notes."
Then she looked uneasy, "unless they are more than I think." She leaned forward, putting her head in her hands. "I don't want to go home, if I did or do wrong against them."

"I meant the notes." Reaching to rub her back softly. "You know I'll do what I can, which is why I need information. What do you think you may have done wrong? Or you still don't remember."

She handed him the padd, "This is all the notes that I have."

Reads over it and just looks thoughtful for a moment. "Okay. I still have some friends about that owe me a favor. I can see what I can find out."

"Thank you." She said softly.

"No promises though, since I don't know if I can even contact them anymore. I am still banned from the Romulan Empire."

She nodded, "I am sorry." She said with a bit of a sad look. "Do you miss your parents?"

"If you mean my real parents, all the time. My adopted parents, maybe a little, but I keep in contact with them frequently." Smiling to her, but that about his parents did have a sad look in his eyes.

She stood up and walked over to him. She gave him a hug, "I do miss mine, what tid bit that I got to know."

He returned the hug and held it a moment before lightly kissing her and looking into her eyes, "I'm sorry. We obviously have that in common."

"Obviously." She gave a smile, "It's a small universe."

"Or is it a large one and just its say for us to have come together."

"True." She lightly gave him a kiss, "Don't you need some sleep?"

"I was," after having smiled at the kiss, "Going to start working on trying to get that information for you actually. If you're sleepy you know you can take the bed and I will join you after awhile."

"If I can help, I would like to." She said. She wasn't sure if she could really sleep yet.

"Its just going to be me trying to track down any of those contacts. Its going to be a rather boring task."

She smiled, "I have faith in you." She walked back over and sat in the chair, grabbing up the second book to read.

"We'll figure it out," he nodded to her and moved over to the desk in the small quarters. Sitting down and turning the monitor on.

=/\= End Log =/\=

Lieutenant Richter Valarig
Chief Tactical/Security Officer, USS Ares


Lieutenant Karlie Waters
Chief Science Officer, USS Ares