USS Ares



Posted on Thu Nov 26th, 2020 @ 7:24pm by Lieutenant Karlie Edwards

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"It didn't work" She stated to Jasper Rain again. "You're section 31, you're suppose to do something."

He looked at her, "I'm from the future, just like you. You're on My Temporal Ship. Remember that."

She sighed, "Yes, for three years now and you stilll keep on like you'll get me back in their time period as if I wasn't gone."

He nodded, "That's what the padds are there fore." He looked to her, "Do you remember Anything?"

She shook her head, "I'm a medical officer and I have a shot in my arm that I..." she looked at her arm and it was gone. "How?"

She turned to see two materialized on the Temperol ship, "We finished it." They said in unison and Jasper nodded, "Good. Does Timmy Waters or Mira Strauss remember anything?"

Karlie doesn't even remember the girl, but she remembered her brother. She saw her mom nod, "She's with him on another ship and they think they dated for a while." All were smiles at that moment and she felt weird, "I saw her on the roster..."

Jasper shook his head, "Gone. You were ordered to observe and deliver the package of padds. While what your parents did, was going on as well as the Ares Thanksgiving Party." He saw her frown a little, "Aren't you glad that you ate, before you left?" He saw her shake her head, "Good, when you rejoin. No one should remember you or anything you did or even the rescue point." He raised his hand as she began to speak, "You won't remember all of that."

Ariyen stepped up beside her daughter, "We learned our mistakes and fixed them so that you can live in this life."

Karlie felt someone grab her hand and a smile was on his face. She turned to see Henry, "Oh, babe. I'm sorry. I almost forgotten here too."

Her dad smiled, "You've found happiness here. Keep him." He turned to Jasper and Jasper nodded as they disappeared to their timeline, "The jobs are done."

Jasper turned to Karlie, "You're job here as well as Henry's is almost done. You will be in medical and he can choose his spot." He signed, "Assuming The Captain will contact me for a night time entrance that No one will detect. Both of you are not to mention or speak of us. Remember our motto, 'We were never here.' Nothing ever occurred."

She smiled to Jasper and to her husband, "Ah, a future awaits. So, the past is corrected?" She saw him nod, "Thank you!" She gave him a hug and hoped to hear from the Commanding Officer of Ares. "Where will we be landing, if he accepts."

Jasper was amused, "In your quarters together. You'll change shifts and start when he does." He smiled as they nodded, "Good, now I don't want to have to come back for any screw ups. The time should be set."



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